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Comprehensive  Change Management Plan and its Rationale

As Lewin asserts, human behaviour is paramount in any success of any structure that is implicated in the symbolic of interaction with the forces of the environment. The aspect of totality seems to have a mutual interdependency within its co existing factors in any given organization. Members of the organization have to understand why change has to take place in order to embrace the perceived change. Initially, the mangers have to embrace motivation amongst the staff before they impact the aspect of change in them. Members of staff should be assisted to evaluate about the many cherished assumptions that each one of them believes to possess. At this point, it is when the unfreezing point is exhibited. Numerous organizations are often faced with assorted challenges both internally as well as externally. In most cases, addressing these challenges is dependent on the causative source as well as the nature and extent of the impacts. For instance, the employees may end up running down the organization into a tumble attributed to their behavior and the manner in which they will handle the clients. As a result, the management will be forced to come into action in order to salvage the incumbent situation that may appear somewhat intricate. Assorted companies have fallen victims of such cases.

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In light with assertion, more than a hundred companies have had to inaugurate measures to curb such impediments manifested by arrogant employees. These are principally attempts to remake themselves into significant competitors globally or even locally. For instance, grand organizations such as FORD as well as their diminutive counterparts such as Landmark Communications were not spared due to assorted factors, in addition, companies within the United States of America such as the General Motors in addition to those in Europe among them the British airways found themselves on their knees due to internal factors as well as the external impediments. The task of the management is to set each undertaking on line so that the situation is aptly salvaged. In any case, these efforts have adopted varied tools as principle avenues of restoring the company performance as well as expanding the organizational clientele base.  Often, total quality management, the option of rightsizing, reengineering have been presented as viable options of curbing such shortcomings pinned to misbehavior of the employees. In addition, restructuring, turnaround as well as cultural change may be the viable options to be adopted. Though somewhat very varied, the prime intent of establishing such measure points out to one principal goal: this is to develop fundamental changes in the business operations as well as its management, the manner in which affairs are conducted or handled in order to aid the enterprise in coping with novel challenges as well as those predicaments emanating from the external market environment. Arguably, change is an inevitable thread to all businesses in spite of their size, operational period and form of industry. Those businesses that handle change prudently often thrive. On the other hand, those that fail to uphold or even embrace change typically endeavor to struggle in order to survive or cope with any eventuality. The concept of change, management is inevitable for all enterprises aiming at making profits. The manner in which any organization manages change and the way each will triumph after such changes is what sets it apart from the rest. The change and its effectiveness is principally dependent on the nature of the enterprise, the perceived change to be adopted as well as the extent to which those involved comprehend the process of change. In this regard, Kurt Lewin developed a model that has been continually embraced by most management personnel in effecting changes within the organizational operations. This draws back to 1950 but still hold an imperative role in today’s business management of change. Often known as the Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze technique, the model adopts three stages of change. In explaining this model, his simulation was pinned on the shape of an ice block.     

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1.1 Background Information of IOTA Company

IOTA management Ltd is a small scale property management company. The company specializes in renting as well as managing rooms to students in Auckland New Zealand. The company posses of three employees tasked with the selling department undertakings along with the daily building management. Among the three, one senior staff (has been with the company for five years) is constantly a top seller. The other two employees (have been with the firm for two years. The trio gets commission form renting the room as well as getting basic payment for the building management role. The overall boss at the firm is the director who is equally charged with accounting operations of the company.  This description provides summative management structure at the firm that, like any other firm, may opt to embrace change for apt survival. 

1.2 Problem statement, objective and Justification

It is imperative for any organization to adopt and embrace novel measures to cope with any eventuality. Whatever the cause may be, managers ought to rethink in order for them to slave the company. In this regard, IOTA Company limited is not an exception. In the recent past, (in capacity of a manager),   it had been noted that the sales figures have continually been declining. This has triggered the urge for an assessment into the course. It is not the drastic declines in the figures but customers have registered frequent disappointments launching assorted complains to the management. Arguably, the staff has not only turned rude but as well careless prompting a number of them to opt moving away. In capacity of the managerial position, it is imperative to forward this complains to the director for an effective solution to be sought.  After lengthy deliberations, it is proposed that some changes be embraced within the company. This study utilizes the Lewin’s three step model to produce a comprehensive change management plan. In addition, the rationale behind the plan is to be explained.

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 The prime objective of this study will be to prepare a change adoption plan on management by underpinning the premises set up in the Lewin model. The specific objectives are listed hereunder.

  1. To establish why change is taking place in an organization.

  2. To promote a better environment for business completion.

  3. To educate the staff on the importance of organizational changes.

This management change plan is viable since it will be invaluable in implementing novel approaches to the management. This will not only be invaluable to retaining the current customers but will subsequently apt the operations at the company, expand its clientele base   thus augment profit margins. As a result, employee-customer interplay will be improved not mentioning the organizational behavior amid the management and the employees.

2.0 Discussion

2.1 Part 1 Comprehensive change management plan

Arguably, motivation for any form of change ought to be first generated before any effective can occur (Kerber 2001). Assorted assumptions may accompany this plan but its re-examination will offer a precise plan to be sought.  This basically defines the unfreezing stage of the Lewin model. As aforementioned, this study opted to utilize the Lewin model in developing its change management plan. This approach is discussed hereunder stepwisely.

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2.1.2 Stake holder’s interest

Stakeholders play a vital role in the management of nay organization. The changes that have to be implemented have to suffice well their mission in what made them to participate in the given business. The organization change would be such that, it is it tandem with the stakeholder’s mission of ensuring the organization attains maximum profits with high efficiency. I should bring to our attention that our contracted firms have been approached and presented with our proposal for novel management. There is strappy acceptance that the new plan will deliver and drive the organization towards achieving its mission as well as the vision. Their support has been assured and this calls on the rest of the \staff to uphold the imminent changes.

2.1.3 The Need for Change (Unfreeze: Situation Appraisal)

In essence, this stage will involve preparing the firm management as well as its staff to come to terms that change is mandatory for IOTA to realize its mission, vision as well as growth. In this regard, I take this opportunity to start by thanking the entire team for their hard work and contribution to the wellbeing of IOTA Ltd. undoubtedly; the firm has perpetually been one of the leading renting companies that previously had customers streaming in unremittingly. I should appreciate our hardworking director for his tireless contribution to the firm keeping in mind that for every success, there is a working force driving it. My appreciations go to the staff members who have endeavored to see our firm triumph.

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 However, what I should point out is that this report is not by chance but has strappy reasons that have mandated its development. In the last two years, our operations have persistently taken an avenue that gainsays the company’s vision as well as mission. All of us are aware that our performance has hugely tumbled. For instance, the financial figures within this period have plummeted by 60% from the previous performance measurement. The close of this year has seen a drop in the profit margins with an estimated $4 million deficit. Going by these results, the chart hereunder provides ample reasons as to why change is imminent.

This is not what has merely driven the call for change. Our clientele base has followed suit simulating the profit percentage change as shown hereunder.

In addition, our customer satisfaction survey presents worrying trends with the aforementioned declines in market base being attributed to poor services that are being executed rudely and carelessly. My question is: what are our values? What are our beliefs in IOTA? What are our attitudes? Above all, what defines us? Our uniqueness has been lost.

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This is why I call upon your support in implementing various strategic changes that will see us through.    

2.1.4 The Change process

I hereby call upon each one of us to reflect on what has contributed to the aforementioned statistics. By drawing a period of three months, I tend to believe that each individual will assess himself, his role at the firm by going through our mission and vision requirements.

Embracing Change (Freeze stage)

The outward outlook of this stage is projected after the coming six months. At this point, our charts are expected to stabilize with consistent job description as well as performance contract signing. In this regard, our roles at the firm will be revisited.  The plan is that the director will oversee all the operations in the firm. Each one of us is charged with the responsibility of reporting daily undertakings to the director. Apart from the daily reports directed towards the director, each staff member will have to record his entire activities formally. The senior staff member will oversee his juniors and prepare a daily report that he will submit to the director’s office and at the same time copying it to the manager’s office. The firm is considering changing the terms of payment and the conditions hitherto as a motivation to the stuff members. In addition, three more junior staff members ought to be recruited so that each individual is assigned specific work station for accountability purposes. Finally, each staff member is expected to have the work identification card on whenever transacting official duties. Our customers will be allowed to carry out confidential assessment of our services via the suggestion boxes that will be distributed in all our offices.  This way, any judgments that will be made will principally be based on the confidential assessments.

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 To recap on this plan, I should point out that any undertakings being proposed are not threats but are aimed at raising our attention that all is not well at the firm. By expanding our workforce, responsibilities accorded to each member will be minimized and as a result maintain a vigilant working team. In addition, harmonizing basic earnings will motivate our employees to give their best to the rations of the company (Morgan, 2003). Intensive and repeated performance appraisal is intended to cultivate responsibility among our team members. Together, this plan will triumph.  

2.3. Part 2: rationale Behind the Choice of the Lewin’s theory

The plan would be used to ensure that effective service delivery is achieved in the organization. This would entail in cooperating various stakeholders such as the board of directors of the organization, government agencies and other interested persons (Mento, 2002).  The action plan may also entail outsourcing consultancy labour from qualified professionals who would offer training to the employees. The action may be scheduled to take a span of two weeks in which, various topic about organization change would be tackled. It is believed that after the seminar, the employees would have a changed attitude towards their work. This would definitely put the organization at a better position in service delivery.

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2.3.1 Importance of Lewin’s approach

It is apparent that, the internal dynamics of an organization can not by itself bring about change. This aspect led to Lewin formulating a process in which the members could be involved and put at the fore front in changing their behaviour. The aspect led to the evolution of a 3 step model of change. This Lewin’s perspective is vital in embracing organization change as it presumes a process in which the individuals discerns that change has to involve action, and it aims at  achieving this. Moreover, it recognizes that in order to have successful actions, there is need to select the appropriate solution at hand, identifying and choosing the best alternative approach towards a given problem (Fay & Luhrmann, 2004). This approach suffices well having in mind the staff in the organization that, have change their attitudes towards work. This model tends to involve their feelings and make them realize the major role and consequences they may cause to any organization. It embraces the iterative approach in which the research is believed to lead to action of which it would channel to the evaluation process. This model presumes that change may be successfully being achieved through a process of influencing individuals to realize that they can give insights to their totality about their actions. Indeed, Lewin’s perspective embraces the learning and understanding that then impacts an individual to have a changed behaviour.











2.3.2. Why Kotters and steps and kerber considered but discarded Models thinking about change on plan

The implementation of 3 model on the organization would have an overall integral perspective about the way other employees view change. This is brought about by the uncertainty at the unfreeze stage.  This transition period would aim to see individuals taking a paradigm shift towards the new idea (Kotter, 2002). However this change is not implemented instantly. A gradual progress would be observed in the manner in which individuals would be reacting towards the new idea. In order to enhance positivism amongst the employees, they should be encouraged to look at ways in which change would not only benefit the organization, but also benefit them. Implementation plans

In order to succeed in having the organization changes, the implementation plans have to entail having an organizational analysis which would aim at identifying the present situation.

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This analysis should distinguish the rate at which the problems are being handled. The plan should also emphasize on the future possibility of those who would resist change (Kotter, 1996). There should be a mechanism that would counteract this scenario. There should also be a preplanning process that would incorporate the internally consistent groups who would have some form of involvement. Essentially, it is also paramount to have a monitoring and evaluation procedures that would oversee that the implemented changes are in tandem with the organizations goals and visions.

3.0 Conclusion

The Lewin model is a three stage tool that is vital for gradual implementation of change. Any organization is bound to be faced with relentless predicaments that may trigger change. This study underpinned its case analysis on IOTA company ltd. The company has had continued declines in the last two year with increasing complains form the customers that the staff is rude and careless. As a result, a management plan has been developed using the Lewin Model.  This model tends to involve their feelings and make them realize the major role and consequences they may cause to any organization. It embraces the iterative approach in which the research is believed to lead to action of which it would channel to the evaluation process. This model presumes that change may be successfully be achieved through a process of influencing individuals to realize that they can give insights to their totality about their actions. Indeed, Lewin’s perspective embraces the learning and understanding that then impacts an individual to have a changed behaviour.

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