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Goal Setting

1. Discuss how the availability of newer tools might have affected the choices and priorities on which Alex focused.

First of all, in the scope of this question discussion, additional attention should be paid to the fact that at some point of the business strategy development, Mr. Rogo together with his accountant has made a conclusion. They have concluded that in order to achieve the core goals of the enterprise, there was a need of the net profit increasing alongside with the cash flow and return on investment. Afterwards, additional managerial approaches have been developed and they have been mainly grounded on three following principles. The first, throughput is the rate, set for the system for generating money through sales. The second, inventory is the set of the things an tools which have been purchased by the business entity for developing and manufacturing the items that have been intended by this business entity to be sold. The third, operational expense was considered by Mr. Rogo as all the money spent by the system for turning the inventory into the throughput. (Goldratt & Cox, 1986)

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After conducting analysis of the strategic approaches developed by Mr. Rogo, it is possible to make a claim that the core values of the organisation, as they are considered by Mr. Rogo, are based on monetary investments. It is essential to put an emphasis on the fact that human resource has not been taken into account in this case. Current managerial approach considers the human recourse as one of the core values of an organisation, alongside with manufacturing technologies, monetary investments etc.

The lack of employee training in organizations is considered to be a significant issue since lack of training has the impact of cost an organization more money than it makes from its business activities (Meredith & Mantel, 2012). Failure to train employees subjects such individuals to lack of the abilities to formulate methods, protocols and technologies on their own. Hence, business processes of an organization take longer time than expected because of the missteps and redundancies that emerge from untrained employees. Further, organizations which fail to focus on training their employees fall victims of destroying their reputation level.

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2. Determine if Alex’s goal would have been the same in light of these new tools.

Lack of employee training is an issue that does not only affect the employers, but also has an impact on the employees and stakeholders of the organization. Such trend occurs since the training of employees contributes significantly in their job motivation and satisfaction, which implies that their individual level performance increases. Improvement in employee productivity is associated with an improvement in the overall performance of an organization (Valenti, 2003). Hence, stakeholders have something to enjoy from business activities of an organization when it has an improved performance level. As such, the focus of this business plan is to ensure that employees, employers and stakeholders of organizations comprehend the essence of having employee training. In addition, the adopted by an organization training strategy should contribute towards imparting of the best skills and knowledge. Such issue is essential since poor training strategies do not differ from the lack of training because both do not contribute towards attainment of organizational success in terms of growth and development in its business activities.

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In the case if Alex would have known such managerial approach, his goal won’t be the same. The core reason for such statement is the fact that wise manager takes into account the entire set of the aspects, which are vital for the organisation before setting the goals and developing both short- and long-term planning.

3. Discuss what Alex would bring to the challenges he faced that is absent in the Goldratt & Cox text.

The core challenge, which may be faced by Alex in such case, is to prove the need for employee training and its effectiveness to the organizations. This need is mainly grounded on the importance of ensuring the fact that organizations are able to maintain their customers and clients. Untrained employees lack sufficient knowledge of business activities of a company. As such, when customers call, such employees are not able to offer adequate answers to questions or information that clients are seeking. Hence, potential customers or existing customers are alienated by such employees since they do not comprehend the products, services, goals and mission of the organization they are working. Consequently, the employee is contributing in the killing of the business in terms of gaining from prospective customers.

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4. Determine where he might have applied new ideas and/or what ideas he might have discarded.

The current business environment is characterized by intensive competition among organizations. As such, failure of organizations to engage in the training of their employees can create a difference between ultimate failure and maintaining success in business activities. The corporate hierarchy also suffers from lack of training of employees on the lower levels. A gap also emerges between actual skill levels of employees and the expected skill level for effective delivery of quality services in an organization. Thus, organizations have engaged in intensive training of employees. Nevertheless, such training has not focused on what is expected to be the training of employees since the trainings focus on general skills and knowledge of an industry. Instead, training should be geared on the duties of the job that an employee is expected to accomplish and ability of employees to think critically when faced with challenges during their job performance activities.

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The efficiency and productivity level of employees is determined by the training such employees receive from the company. Thus, lack of employee training indicates that such individuals will have poor performance levels and higher inefficiencies on their job responsibilities. On the same note, untrained employees are not able to comprehend best practices and new developments in the field of technology. Consequently, these individuals are more of a liability than an asset to an organization.

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