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Organic Food Markets

There has been a tremendous growth in the entire food markets around the world. In the USA there has been observed a high growth in the sales of organic food and beverages over the last decades. It has been observed that there is a general increment in demand of organic foods and this has brought attention not only to the organic food markets but also to the entire food market. High population growth rate has been attributed to this, but that is not the only factor. There are many other factors that have been attributed to these trends which include health matters and unavailability of non-organic food and beverages (Industry Statistics and Projected Growth, June, 2010).

Over the last few years, there has been observed a gradual increase in sales in organic food and beverages in the USA, and this has a lot of concern to the organic food and beverages marketers. Many marketers have been analyzing this trends and trying to come up with ideas that will enable them to earn a bigger market share and continue to enjoy the benefits associated with them. These trends have also impacted on other food producers in the market. The other food marketers are coming up with strategies to counter these increased growths in sales organic food and beverages.

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There has been increased marketing of organic foods and beverages that have seen increase in advertisement about the importance of taking this products, especially to this health conscious population of the USA. Many firms are trying to satisfy their customers by ensuring that they produce pure organic products. This significant strategy is what has led to the increased number of acreage of land under the organic farming. Organizations are trying to come up with ideas that will ensure that they continue to exist in the market as many years as possible, since there is a bright future in the organic foods and beverages.

Many firms will try to strengthen their organizations in order to counter the rapid increase of newer organizations. Many new firms will enter into the market, since there is a potential in this industry. The organizations through analyzing the market trends will try to ensure that close substitutes like inorganic food and beverages continue to loose favor in the eyes of consumers. Close substitutes will have to compete through several strategies like advertisement; packaging quality and also not forgetting the price competition will increase. In the near future organizations will have to be conscious in price adjustments, since consumers will have to deal with many substitutes and many firms in the market (Dale, 1969).

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A good manager should be open to suggestions from his subordinates and should be radical in his views. This means that he should be willing to try out new things and take chances in what he does. Therefore, for any organization to prosper, it must have a good manager and workable business strategy. Moreover, a manager should learn to work with all the people in the organization as this relationship will enhance the employer/employee relationship. This in return will encourage the employees to freely share their ideas and suggestions for the development of the organization with their superiors.

Organizations must be ready to work and improve on their strengths, since that is what will help attract and maintain current customers. Their strengths will also help them increase sales in the organization should identify the areas it scopes more than its close rivals and ensure continued success. The organization should also ensure that it relates well with its employees and shareholders to enable smooth running of its business. This is one of the major areas of concern, since many organizations fail to achieve its goals and objectives due to the internal wrangles.

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Every opportunity should be immediately realized and utilized to ensure that the competition does not grab it. Organization should be ready to any changes in the food and beverages market, for example, policies governing production and distribution. They should also be aware of international markets, since sometimes international markets create a big opportunity to succeed.

For an organization to enjoy fully, they should be ready from all threats in the markets that could pose a danger in the market. They should ensure suppliers follow all rules and regulation in the production of organic foods and fruits. They should ensure a supply comes from certified organic firms and from areas recognized by relevant authorities that deal with organic food and fruits production.

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The organizations should make sure that they exhaust all opportunities in the market to ensure maximum sales. They should increase their market capacity e.g. increase online advertisement and sales, ensure they have opened markets abroad to increase exports. This, however, should be combined with increased study of international competitors. Those areas which the international competition has not ventured should be taken into consideration and ensure that the market is fully occupied (Bo%u0308hm, 2009).

The market trends should be a guide to organizations on areas to market more their products e.g. they should concentrate on mass scale retailers, as well as paying attention to the small ones. They should also ensure other consumers also get a fair price for products. The organizations also could come up with ideas that are appealing to the all the market players while ensuring that none profits are maximized. It would be critical for all the entire organization to dedicate time and resources towards high standards of productions though regular update of production techniques and adjustments towards the satisfaction of consumers.

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