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The Restaurant Hooters

“Hooters” is a trade name for two privately managed restaurant chains in America. The business is headquartered at Florida US.”Hooters” restaurant started in 1983 as a food service industry offering both foods and drinks. Some of the largest branches of Hooters found in America are situated in Atlanta and Georgia. Amongst many food stuffs, the most domineering foods include Full bar, chicken wings, Burgers as well as seafood. The most unique issue about “Hooters” restaurant is the gender inclination. The restaurant is designed to basically attract male customers. In order to achieve this objective, the restaurant is massively served by young sexually attractive girls. These waitresses have specially designed dresses meant to attract men into the business.

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The space was established with an intention to attract the male customers more than their female counterparts. The men are found to be more attracted to women due to the outward appearance of the hooter. The chain hotel therefore is a space meant for male clients. The waitresses are tender ladies who wear revealing clothes.

Hooters chain of hotels contains appealing colors painted on the wall as well as the chairs. Bring red, orange and pink colors dominate. Color is used to enhance beauty in the various hooter chain hotels. Waitress uniforms exhibit orange color which is also used to paint the roofing, walls, chairs and most of the drawings.

Additionally, the waitresses are expected to dress in a certain kind of special uniform. Uniforms have been changed over and over again all with an intention of acquiring the most revealing one. Currently, the young waitresses are expected to wear short orange panties and a white top. The white top is sleeveless and concentrates on exposing the breasts and hands. Color therefore is used to display and enhance the beauty as well as specific physical features.

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Waitresses wear clean white shoes whenever they are in the hotel. This not only reports that the management does also regard cleanliness but also appreciates brilliant demeanor. In addition, the orange color also closely matches the color of the liquor. Hooters diversified their use of color by ensuring there are specific themes written on the uniform for various days. Football matches act as potential source of customers’ attraction. The four hooters wear club attires in order to lure more customers into the restaurant (Spring 1).

Hooters exhibit dominance in some specific types of food. Foods like humbuggers, buffalo shrimp, sandwiches, soups, potato cheese, oysters, seafood, hooterizers, appetizers and steaks (Kasper 1). Hooters equally major on chicken wings as a chief attraction. Additionally, due to the nature of hooters, the commonly served beverages are licensed beers and wines. These foods are prepared according to the diverse tastes of the customers. Hooters management tries as much as possible to fulfill its customers. As a result the waitresses organize night clubs, outside gatherings and full bar for the willing individuals and groups.

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Moreover, the interior design and decoration of the space is so appealing. Orange, black and white are the most conspicuous colors used to decorate. Interestingly, attractions are of different kinds. Few wall hangings exist at Hooters.  The most common wall decors are musical hangings that serve the purpose of cultural hospitality. Flip flop lights hang around the interior of the hotel are used improve the musicality. Flip flops are used to enhance appearance.

Hooters trade name written in front of the restaurant’s chains overrides the black drawing of an owl. Colors used tend to blend and bring harmony through matching the closely related ones. An external look at the hotel makes people get lured to get into it and have a meal. The foods are also served in a decorated manner with every side accompaniment put in place. However a single look inside may make a visitor to be astonished. There are lots of men and beautifully adorned girls ready to serve and entertain their customers.    

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The Restaurants’ Gender and Sex Orientation

Based on the information provided about hooters, sex and gender have a greater contribution in facilitating total achievements of the space. The restaurant is well fashioned with various strategies well laid to attract male clients. There is a lot of trap magnified in the business name of the restaurant to help track potential customers into the business. The first attraction point to the restaurant is its business name “Hooters” which fetches a lot of attention from the public.  “Hooters” symbolically stands for young girls’ tender breasts. Being the sole business name of the restaurant, sexually active men find it very interesting to always attend the restaurant for their meals. The bone of contention in going for meals would just be seeing and meeting with these girls in the restaurant. 

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In addition, the scanty mode of outfits witnessed female waiting staff creates an appeal for sex. The restaurant makes use of such dressing styles so as to expose the waiter’s bodies to the targeted male customers. The waiters’ outfit is such revealing that any man would fall for it. As a result of such exposure, the customers would feel emotionally affected leading to sexual desire. The main drive in this level of operation is to keep track of male customers. Another main scheme used by the restaurant to maintain its clients is the incorporation of girls as the main waiters.

Hooters restaurant places itself in a better position to keep attracting men to its business services. The main strategy utilized in this case is the natural sexual attractions bound to develop between opposite sexes. An additional point that makes the restaurant fetch more customers captures its basic strategies of employing waiters. In order to qualify as a waiter, there has to be particular fulfilling qualifications met. Analysis shows that these qualifications cover the basics of sexual attractiveness of the girl. Amongst these qualifications, the girl in question must be young and sexually attractive.

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According to the employees requirement handbooks signed by the female waitress, it is evident that female sexual appeal is vital for all. The waitresses have to create a working environment characterized jokes as well as friendly conversations with the customers.


The restaurant was established with an aim of attracting the male customers than their female complement. Men are found to be more preferable the women due to their outward body physique and appearance. The chain restaurant is therefore considered as space meant only for men clients. In terms of service, the restaurant only allows for the recruitment of waitresses from amongst young pretty and attractive girls. Hooters chain of hotels contains appealing pigmentation on the walls covering attractive and vibrant painting. All these paintings are meant to enhance beauty in the various hooter chain hotels. The restaurant is therefore characterized with success in all its operations.

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The overall success of “Hooters” restaurant heavily lies on smart choice of operation. From the information retrieved from research findings, gender choice in respect to service plays a very important role in customer’s attraction. Choosing to incorporate opposite gender in the service is seen to improve the general customer handling strategies in the restaurant.  In addition to that, most customers had their tastes based on the proper methods of service in the restaurant. 

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