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International Management

What are the different management practices that are unique to Japanese organizations?

The Management Practices exercised by the Japanese in the Nissan Company included; liberal leadership styles. Top managers did not practice dictatorship since the employees would rebel.  Dictatorship would bruise the morale of the workers thus urgency would help introduce necessary changes. However, the Japanese management was characterized by sectionalism which led to territorial specialization.

Moreover, the Japanese management system was that the bosses were less interactive. Japanese bosses rarely interacted with their employees and vice versa. Therefore, since they never shared on their views, the workers were viewed as polite and reserved. As a result, there was less transparency in executing action plans.

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In addition, the Japanese management styles displayed inability to establish methods of cutting down costs in order to operate at the most productive level. The Japanese management believed in a lifetime employment for all employees. That is the reason why the employees disagreed with a suggestion to close down some plants as well as deploying ineffective workers.

Moreover, the Japanese management system embraced the seniority based promotions. They never believed in sucking employees since it was against their ethical culture. Instead, employees were reduced by signing off retirements, pre-retirements, and golden handshakes. This helped encouraged them and sustain them in the business environment. It additionally helped them remain competition. The products produced were sold in the global market and thus were never overcome by market pressure.

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Question Two

How the Management Practices Used By the Japanese Organization Permit the Company to Stay Competitive

The first management strategy that has assisted the Japanese to maintain its competitiveness in the motor vehicle industry is liberal leadership style. Due to liberal style of leadership, the Japanese workers have expressed continued interest in implementing their working skills. Throughout their performance, the Japanese serve well in a dictatorship free environment. In return, all the products made in Japan have the best quality to withstand the market pressure.  

Japan has for along time believed in sectionalism. Incorporation of sectionalism management strategy employed by the Japanese allowed for increased specialization. Through sectionalism, it has been possible for the Japanese to understand more about their areas of responsibilities. In terms of competition, Japan has been able to produce motor vehicles of substance. This has made Japan to win the interest of consumers by producing the best motor vehicles of high quality.

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Lack of interactions with the employees in the Japanese leadership structure led to a scenario where superficiality dominated. Throughout their work, the Japanese did not fully understand the job desires of their bosses. Due to this situation, the workers strived to produce their best in production. As a result of this, most of the Japanese products were of substantial quality thereby meeting the international market standards.

Another management strategy used by the Japanese to conquer the market is full cost implementation. In the entire operations of the Japanese, they did not believe on compromised costs of production. Going by the fact that they believed in maximum funding of their projects, Japanese produced standard products which could withstand competition. These products showed all the necessary features required by the market.

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Japanese further believed in seniority based promotions which discouraged sucking of workers. Based on this strategy, employees were able to treat their seniors with a lot of respect in performance. As a result of such higher level of respect, most of the Japan products were made under perfect dedication without supervision. In the global market fraternity, the Japanese products retained their high quality and competitiveness. Japanese products were therefore able to rate with most UK commodities in the market. 

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