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The book combines enthralling stories of modern dreamers, the contemporary research on science about dreaming, and the impending religious traditions that provides a clear understanding of these experiencing. In most culture dreams and visions prior to death are common and terminally sick people have been reported to be prepared psychologically of death before they actually die in their dreams. Having been compiled for the sake of people who are almost dying as well as their caregivers, the book is a true manifestation of a spiritual transformation is revealed moments before death.

In chapter three, the author discusses death or the passing away as a journey. According to the author, death is not the end but rather opening a new chapter in the spiritual way and biding the individual body goodbye to become some kind of spirit (Bulkeley, 2005). The author argues that there are hindrances and disputes that people encounter as a result of their journeys taken in the pre-death dream due to the fact that most of the diverse barriers that they encounter are in most cases reflections of deep nervousness and unresolved disagreements. However, the world’s religious traditions provide that as a result of some entryway lie other worldly dominions of heavenly anonymity in which the souls that are liberated make some breathtaking journeys (Bulkeley, 2005).

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In chapter four, there is a discussion of the guides that leads the individuals through the journey ahead and therefore no need to panic. In the description offered on guides or the companions in the journey, the author argues that one of the guides during the Journey Light is pre-death dreams but it is not the only one. In chapter four, the author discusses the dreams of Ruth where the journey itself becomes a guiding force. This is a mystified force that makes the blue boarders to glow and as a result, she finds a path to lead her through. Other guides include the counselors that guide people through the journey of life. One is able to rely on the journey travelled through gauging the progress or the landmarks that they have encountered in life. Dying people usually have dreams and in these dreams they see the guides who are supposed to lead them the way in the journey ahead of them. These Pre-death dreams are explain as religious experience and these helps the people to embrace death rather than fearing it (Bulkeley, 2005).

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