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Training Fads

Fad refers to something attractive brought out in a fashionable style and it lasts out for a short period of time. Any type of training initiative in a firm easily turns into fad when not carefully conceptualized into the system so as to reap its benefits (Collins, 190). At most instances it happens due to lack of investing in time towards training of an initiative therefore denying it the power to keep running. In many cases trainings comes in as management tool with the aim of improving firms potentials, however most end up turning the initiatives into fads. Some trainings are normally drawn from successful companies and then another organization just wants to incorporate such with an aim of achieving similar success but instead of reaping profits the new concepts turns into an end of themselves and this results due to factors such as differences among corporate trainers, lack of certification, lack of commitment which all affects the credibility of an instigated training.

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However there are several ways of avoiding succumbing to training fads that can be normally looked at before taking a step forward in starting any form of initiative. According to Shari (2002), it is important to give an outline performance of an intended training where it has previously been applied. This is through doing further research about it to find issues such as its levels of success, where in particular was it applied, problems associated with it, the issues it was designed to solve e.t.c It is important to understand if such intended training goes in hand with the firms set corporate goals and objectives as brought out in its vision, mission and values. Any intended course of action within any organizational setting should always be driven, supported and even sponsored by all the key senior leaders for its success to be realized.

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Any form of training should not sound and be seen just like an event especially to the employees rather it should contain key necessary lessons that lack and are transferable to an organization, this really avoids training efforts becoming faddish as the employers will incorporate it since they are ready to learn. All concepts of the trainings should be communicated effectively in order to pass over to the whole firm at large. A close self evaluation is a necessity to any training as it enables the measurement of the value being realized as a result of the training initiative.

What Circumstance The Firm’s Appraisal System Can Be Legally Vulnerable

A firms appraisal systems refers to a framework of parameters and policies in which the firm operates within showing all the components of the and organization structure clearly. There are several instances that a firm appraisal may become legally vulnerable discussed below. Contracts explicitly exposes a firm to legal suits and this is mainly whereby there are no clearly drawn terms and conditions when awarding them or where there are unavoidable circumstances leading to some actions such as breach of contract (Greenfield 32). Another circumstance that can result to legal vulnerability is negligence within the firm whereby some outcomes may result due to carelessness thus affecting various parties that might be operating in or within the firm.

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Employees being the largest resource in a firm, they are also the largest risk therefore lack of clear policies governing them may end up exposing a firm to legal vulnerability. For instance lack of clear terms and conditions of employment, inequality, discrimination, corruption, lack of moral values may end up resulting to crisis which may end up seeking law interventions at the expense of the firm. Additionally it is quite important to know that a system that has not incorporated occupational safety in its system is actually very vulnerable just in case of emergencies such as a disaster which might end up affecting the health, safety and even security of the employees within the firm.

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