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Julie and Mr. Birling

The two lecturers used different lectures and different approaches to purse their career and this has made them prosper in imparting knowledge to various students who have passed under them. The teachers are always remembered by those who have passed under them, because of the approaches they use from preparation of classes to examination time. They have created modes of thought that impacted the life of men and women who have passed under their guidance in a huge manner.

Ms Julie has reached the highest level in her training career and whatever she is doing in class is of great value to both students and herself. This is because her achievements in imparting knowledge are not comparable to those used by Mr. Birling and she uses stunningly innovative techniques, approaches and examples in class. The way she uses technology in teaching is one another stunning approach in imparting education to those people who rely on her to better their future. She is known for her physical courage, military like discipline and the general subordination of the students to the class. She approaches students who are arrogant as well as selfish with boldness and this has shaped the lives of many and molded many lives. She is like a mother in class because of the approaches she uses in delivery of education and discipline.

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On the other hand Mr. Birling has managed to turn those students who hate education into men and women who value reading, writing and even music although the approach is not as physically courage as Ms Julie. He has managed to show the students the need for education in school. The whole class is fully dedicated to the cause of education even those who have left the school remain focused in ensuring education is imparted to their children, not because they were born to those ideas but because of values and virtues imparted by Mr. Birling.

The training that he leaves people with does not end at the doors of the class although it begins in the class, you live with it. It means that you enter into Mr. Birling’s class with an objective of passing your exam and better your life in future but you leave an educator as you live. Thus your entire life is spend as an educator with rigorous training and discipline, although this is associated with Mr. Birling. Men and women who pass through Mr. Birling are more education conscious as compared to those who pass under Ms Julie who are discipline military like courage and they know to delegate authorities.

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Due to many of her contributions to education and theater, perhaps what makes Julie important to society. Through her work, she pioneered the rise of dance and brought numerous influences into school dance. Today, she is largely considered as one of the most significant influence in in school. Aside from this, it may also be safely assumed that an important facet of her work is the fact that she brought school participation in dance and theatre into new heights and made an indelible mark in the history of the art.

Both teachers encourage men and women under their guide to take part in sports and activities and they discourage any activities that destruct students from disciplined life. Students under these lecturers always take caution on outside influence in their life. The two teachers value human rights and gender sensitive.

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Students under the influence of the two teachers have many of the characteristics of people in democratic society and command many features of a cultural diversified society. Listening to a speech from a student or former student you will be forgiven if you believe that the speech has been written by either the teachers. This is how their influence is felt on the lives of these students. According to one of the students who left the school sometimes back, his life could have been different if he had not made the two teachers both socially and academically. The two are influential teachers because they use various approaches that remain in their mind of students for a long period.

By comparison to other teachers in school, the two teachers are assumed to have primitive like approach however the mark they leave in the lives of the students remains most important for now and many years to come. The teachers are not with conflicts because at times they crush on various issues in relation to class management and methods of achieving internal stability in tackling the students’ conflicts in class. Mr. Birling usually looks up to his own methods or approaches in solving student’s problems without consultation which forms one of the greatest weakness while Ms Julie uses a different approach of consultation in managing the affairs of the students. This makes Mr. Birling look like an oppressor to some students who like breaking the school law to them. Ms Julie is a habitual gentleness.

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In spite of the similarities however, there were also differences between the two teachers. One of these was in their background. Ms Julie is the daughter of a poor Kentucky farmer while Mr. Birling was from an affluent and academic family. Their educational backgrounds are also different. While Birling attended well-known institutions eventually graduating from Harvard College, Julie did not obtain any formal education, but studied privately.

I can note that Julie has no identifiable influence on her beliefs. Her intellectual development could not be attributed to any mentor, teacher or leader. Her beliefs were shaped more by his reading than relationships. She is mostly pro organized religion. Birling on his part openly Christian. Unlike Julie who was highly predictable in her opinions for instance his attitude towards discipline, Birling at times changed his stand. This is in addition to the difference in ideology, where Birling is a democrat and Julie was a staunch military like discipline. Both teachers share a number of personal characteristics. They were both good orators and they also had athletic physiques.

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In conclusion, although Julie and Birling lived in different societies, they share a lot as teachers. They contributed a lot to school growth and recognition among other institution. and had to deal with the southern challenge. However, they differed in their personal backgrounds and exposure to education. Julie was also against organized religion while Birling is Christian

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