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Invention of Guns

It was an invention which has had a profound effect on human history. The advent of guns can be considered as a time revolution in warfare. The first guns were simple tubes from which to shoot explosive charges, but gradually they were made easier to load, aim, and fire. The explosive they used at that time was gun powder which was a mixture of 15% charcoal, 10% sulfur, and 75% potassium nitrate, or saltpeter. It was already being used in ninth-century China for making fireworks. Europeans obtained gunpowder in the thirteenth century. However, Boothroyd and Geoffrey along with many other scholars believe that it was not developed independently in Europe, but was brought there from China, perhaps by Arabs or Mongols. The Europeans, having gotten hold of gunpowder, seemed more determined than the Chinese to develop it into ever more efficient weapons.

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Whatever the positives the invention of guns can claim to have brought to the human race, the invention itself is not constructive. The first impact of it was the armor which was protecting the knights and lords in the Warfield became less and less effective. It has reached to point where the weapon has become the most handy tool for destruction of life (be it of human beings or other creatures). The invention turned out to be most sophisticated automatic revolvers and assault rifles. On the whole, it has made violence easier. Even before the conscious tells one about the dire consequence of any particular action the action takes place, since the introduction of guns, the firearms have gone trough a series of changes and improvements, only to make sure that it kills more and more effectively and efficiently, faster than any other method without failure with a far reaching impact.

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