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The myth, saying that woman belongs to the kitchen, is no longer of applicable. Acting free under a justification of the so-called emancipation, has turned to be a concern of married women, either childless or having kids already. Male breadwinners, on the other hand, remain to interfere the wives to stay at home for some of many reasons. The problems arouse when a man is married to a bold-oriented-career woman with a persisting reason for family breadwinning or elevating ‘undervalued’ price of motherhood by working out side the home. Who will be in charge for care giving children? Which has it harder, a husband or a wife, to carry out family responsibility and children education? This short essay would like to see how husbands and wives cope with their career demand and domestic life of children care and education.

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The common regards assume that a husband should be the primary breadwinner for family. This myth is claimed not to sound a patriarchic world view since most of wives today, might still expect their husbands to make a living to cover family need. The wives are therefore, expected to be the children’s primary caregivers. An idealized myth of caregiver wives has additionally revealed that mothers and babies are to spend more time together discovering the wonders of life, reading, playing, and laughing. Babies’ life and education would go safe, smooth, and happy with a respective mother who looks after them from day-today. Yet, the fact in practice is different since an increasing number of career women have come to be a serious facet for both spouses to deal with. The problem is apparently not about the judgment whether women’s career appeal matters or brings harm to the intimacy of a couple. But, it is the parents’ principal role to play regarding with the challenged existence of baby’s growth and education.

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The price of motherhood is the cost to pay when healthy growth of beloved children becomes one of primary concern of married couples. Most of wives have been thinking of being undervalued when they have to stay at home only. Family education for kids as one the most important role to play in the world seems to be invaluable. Probably, the decision of Francis Walker in 1870s to remove the domestic caregiving job from the list of productive employment in the US census, denounced by Kathryn, might be driving housewives to chase for working career instead. ( Emphasizing on Katrhryn’s hammer on the policy, Crittenden argued that producing human capital for children reveals economic values since in spite of today’s economic conception remains to exclude caregivers from the list of paid labors. (Kathryn.InMarryT.Stimming,

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A better opportunity of wives to achieve a great success in career might be widely opened due to limited number of women focusing on works while being a mother. This sounds beneficial in terms of female breadwinning roles for family. However, the absence of mothers before the children leads to ‘lame’ condition of family even with a substituting husband to carry out the role of caring the kids. One surging disadvantage is that children will feel lost of motherhood due to the changing role of the mothers to spend longer time at work. ( On the other hand, the immediate consequence of taking full attention to career has caused extra problem for the wives themselves. In the words of professor Michaels, the wives tend to blow the lid off new ‘momism’ through a set of ideals that seem on the surface to celebrate motherhood, but which in reality provision standards of perfection that are beyond mother’s reach. (Susan Jeanne Douglas and Meredith W. Michaels

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Regarding with the possibility of breadwinning might be reversed, the husband to be a caregiver while wife to be the breadwinner who make money for family. The so-called Stay-at-Home-Dead (SAHD) may be an attractive option against the existing myth of care giving, but in fact leaves challenging problems to the continuing education and growth of children. Aside from the saying that the SAHD may live under the mercy of stronger wives, husbands will have heavier burden to carry out when obliged to care the babies, daughters, and sons at home as the cost of smooth career ladder of their spouse.

The husbands, with the common preference of social involvement, have to deal with day-to-day domestic stuff, such as preparing breakfast, taking children to the schools, accompanying kids for doing homework, and many more. After-losing-jobs husbands might suffer from more severe psychological inconvenience to cope with households cleaning and similar activities due to contrast form of daily mobility to have. It seems to be relevant to borrow Dowd’s opinion stating that men have to enjoy unfair advantages from the accomplishment of their women in career. As quoted by Glenn Sacks, Dowd said, “the more women accomplish, the more (men) have to sacrifice”. (Dowd, Maureen. In Glenn Sacks,

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The responsibility of children care giving is not to be encountered to the demand of making a livelihood. Both father and mother share the equal portion to play each role in line with mutual attention to the continuity of the family and children. In this regard, both husband and wife have the same heavy obligation to carry out in dealing with their kid’s life. Persuasive and open communication between spouses would be the best way to cope with potential detriments to come against the existence of mutual harmony and a success of children care giving. Still, a career sacrifice from one of two parents could be taken into account when the conditions turn to demand so. After giving-birth mothers shall be wise upon their mothering role by nature for feeding the babies and caring such initial age of growth. Conversely, husbands, aside from criticism, shall be ready for a condition acquiring them to give up the jobs and get rid of care giving role when necessary. Therefore, there would not be biased individual acceptance and burden in terms of reviving the life of the family and children in spite of the prevailing concern of career parents.

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