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How My Life Goes

In any person’s life, there has to be important people that have one way or another influenced ones life. In my own personal life, I can proudly say that my mother has played a particular role that has molded me into becoming who I am today. Since the time I was born, my mother has been working very hard to teach me the values of life that I still uphold in my life up to this date. I have learned to value my family and to take a closer look at my attitude. My mother would always tell me to be the best I can be in all things. She taught the importance of love not just for myself but for my family and for the people that will come to my life. More than all the teachings, my mother helped me go through the difficult times of my life. She was there to be my strong foundation, always lending a helping and loving hands every time I fall on my knees. She was the best mentor I ever have in which I can say that without her my life is incomplete. Next to my mother is my best friend Juliet. Every person needs someone they can get along with. Juliet and I have shared moments of laughter and tears. We laugh and cry together over petty things and difficult ones. She was like my backbone and sister. She has always been there for me to give me a little push whenever needed. She has been my friend, sister, and encourager. I could fairly say that she knows everything about me and even the things I do not know about myself. Juliet is my most trusted person. She was there during times that I needed to make tough decisions and if ever I fail, she was there to encourage me and she was the first to rejoice in all my successes. Needless to say, my children are my life. They bring the best out of me. They are the source of my energy and happiness. I could have not imagine myself being a mother but upon looking at my lovely children, I got an urge to do everything for them and to ensure that, just like my mother and my best friend Juliet, I will be there for them no matter what happen to help them realize the best that they can be

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