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College Admission Application

I am Augustine Lawal applying for the Course in Bachelor’s degree. I am very much interested in pursue a degree in your University. As I checked your course details in the net as well as in the prospectus, Your College providing some extraordinary education and teaching some characteristics that needs to be followed throughout the life. Well I need to say something about myself. I am 22 year old man finished my schooling this year. I am having ambition of achieving the success in a right way. I need to tell one more thing that I am the first one to go to the college in my family. I may be the roll model for my brother’s and sister’s to achieve their dream academically.

In my 22 year old life, I had faced many difficulties and critical situations in my life. Due to my Attention disorder problem, I was struggled to finish my high school education. Despite of having the Attention Disorder Problem, I am also having Blood Pressure and Depression problem which stopped my studies completely. Due to this attention disorder problem I am not able to concentrate and get focused in my studies as well as in the other things. Some one must be there to instruct me what I am supposed to do. I am not able to concentrate during my class hours.

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Adding to injury to the insult, I also suffer from blood pressure which causes me giddiness constantly. I am always having some kind of blood pressure drugs in my pocket to control the blood pressure. I suffered from depression which causes me feeling depression during the class hours.

Also I am having financial troubles in my family. My father is the only earning person who is a business man and suffered a lot in his business for the past two years. I have to go to some part time job to support my family’s financial needs. It is my duty to support my family in the hard time. I have to take part in family not only in the happy occasion but also in the difficulty times.

After taking some useful drugs like Citalopram and Escitalopram to reduce the depression, now I am normal in handling all the situations in my life. I also took Lotensin to control my blood pressure levels. And also I am getting constant treatment from the Psychiatrist which helped me a lot in completing the high school.

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Due to all these difficulties and hard time, I am able to learn the Spanish language which will be useful one for my studies as well as for my Job. I always had the hard believe that nothing is permanent and everything will get changed as time goes on. I am pretty much confident that nothing is going to stop me despite I am facing all these problems. God cannot give problems to those who are weak. The problems are only faced by the strong person. I always have strong belief in God and also in me. I think this thought made me to overcome all the problems in my life. My Psychiatrist gave some tips to overcome depression and attention disorder. He always advised me to not to be a prey to the environment and some other things that degrades your performance. Having a strong belief to succeed will surely get you to the next level of your life.

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My personal Achievements are not that much great but Inspite of facing all those things, I am able to get high grades in my school. I want to thank my Psychiatrist who gave me enough support and helped me to achieve this goal. I also did one science project that describes the functioning of Solar System. I also actively participated in the extra curricular activities like Scouts and actively taken part in the sports.

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