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Something I Won’t Forgive

My family always enjoyed the presence of Martina in my house. She brought a lot of joy and happiness every time she ran into our house. My mom is the third of the four children brought up with piety and fervor. Thus, the church and the church activities are what my mom, with all her siblings, loved the most. Martina was the little queen of my mother’s younger sister. She was loved by anyone who came across her as well as everyone in the family. The five-year old loved everything in the family. She loved the family mealtime; not so much for the food, but for the fellowship with the family. In fact, she'd rather talk than finish her meals. She liked plain foods and was encouraged to try anything. Start with salad and simple casseroles to expand her food choices. It was always after long intervals we could have her with us as my aunty lived in another town. They used to visit us occasionally.

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My house stood at the foot of an abundant hillock on which was the Jesuit’s monastery situated. They have a formation house for the young man training themselves to be priest. It was a religious house were a lot of faithful made pilgrimage to. My mother regularly attended the prayer service. She believed that it was god’s blessing that she got a house so near to such a holy place. The monastery was built on the top of the hill. It was a large campus, with many other religious buildings and quarters for scholars.

Fr. Patrick was the rector of the whole complex. He also was the parish priest and in charge of the pilgrim houses. He was loved and accepted by everyone in the parish. He seemed to be in his late fifties and was extremely active. He was a treat to the traditional style of contemplation, as he always exhorted a religious person to be holy he needs to be contemplative in the heart of the

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world. As a result, he was always found with people in every instance. He was responsible for the religious vocation of a good number of youngsters stationed under training in the monastery. The rose garden in front of the seminary was amazing. Fr. Patrick took special care of the plants. He used to be playing games with the brothers in the afternoons in the playground behind the Garden. Just like every other women in the parish, my mother had a lot of love and respect for Fr. Patrick. Being a very frequent visitor at the church and active member of the parish council, my mother has made a very good acquaintance with Fr. Patrick.

Decorating house on Christmas is my passion. My house was glorious with stars, bulbs and the Christmas tree. My aunt’s family was to join us for the Christmas. Tomorrow was faraway and there was nothing to trouble about, it was good to have everything clean and folded away (Katherine A. Porter 1930). In the after noon Martina went to the monastery with a beautiful red rose given by my mom to greet Fr. Patrick. She was as happy as ever. Martina came back home after almost ten minutes. We were in shock and had to run towards her. She struggled to control weeping. Among the sobs we could hear her saying Fr. Patrick scolded her badly assuming that she had plucked the Rose from the garden. She was hurt beyond consolation. She said that she tried to explain the father but he never believed.

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In a week, we had to rush to Martina’s house. When we entered, the whole family was around Martina’s bed. She was on bed with practically no strength left in her suffering from Pneumonia. They have tried treated in every possible way. But she never regained her normalcy as she had never regained her happiness and disposition. We watched her as she was on her way to be a little angel in our memories. I thought that there is nothing crueler than this I will never forgive it (Katherine A. Porter 1930). I could never forgive Fr.Patrick for our little queen.

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