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Ricardo Kaka the Best Soccer Player

The hero Ricardo kaka is called as the Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite. He was born in April 22 in the year 1982 in Brasilia. He is known as Ricky Kaka who plays as a forward and midfielder player in Serie A Club Milan and also in the Brazilian National Team. He is the recipient of both the awards FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon d'Or in the year 2007. He is named as the top most 100 influential people in the world in the year 2008. Till February 2009, kaka and Internazionale's Zlatan Ibrahimovi%u0107 are the highest paid football players in the globe.

The early life of kaka is so simple. He is not a Millionre by birth but because of his talent he is own Billion hearts of his fans. Of course now he is more than a Millionre now. His skill in football makes him so recognizable among all the football fans in the world. He was born to Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite and Simone Cristina Santos Leite. Roberto also known as Digão brother of Kaka is famous professional footballer. At the age of seven, kaka’s family moved into Sao Paulo. Kaka studied in a small school where the school formed a youth club called Alphaville, in which the students have to show their skills in order to qualify for the local tournament. Perhaps this tournament highlighted kaka’s geniuses in football. Later this school offered a job to perform in their club.

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Kaka’s Personal Life

In 23rd of December 2005 in the Evangelical Reborn in Christ Church in São Paulo, he married his childhood childhood friend Caroline Celico and his first child Luca Celico Leite was born in June 10, 2008. Kaka was given the Italian citizenship on 12th Feb in the year 2007. He is the life time endorser of the Product Adidas and also he featured as modeling in the fashion design collectors Armani. Kaka is a strong devotee of Evangelical Christian and he always says that “I learnt that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not”

Kaka Football Career - Introduction

Ricardo kaka is biography needs to be known for every lover of soccer. Many would think that the winner is projected in the present times but not in the past times. Fans have to know the kaka’s ladders in his careers before the super stare image of Kaka.

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In the age of seventeen he was offered professional contract in the little age. Before that he played in youth clubs that is situated in his home town of Brasilia and Sao Paulo. He spends most of the football training in the youth clubs and gives him a good base in the Soccer game. Kaka showed his talent in the Sao Paulo’s Youth Teams, Brazilian U-17 national squad and the reserve team.

He attracts the eyes of various clubs in Europe, the one that offers the contract was the Turkish club Gaziantepspor. Sao Paulo team agreed to sell kaka for $1.5 million. It is a very negligible amount for him now. But for a player at a age of seventeen not certain about his career this sum of money will be on risk to the Turkish team. Kaka’s age at that time will produce doubts that he will take football as serious one in the coming years.

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Kaka started the first season of play for the team Sao Paulo. Kaka did not have the chance to play for the team Brazil. However he learned the soccer from his teammates and he learned how the soccer would be more professional when it is trained in a perfect way. The stage is all set to have a debut in his first season, but the things went away from him. The swimming pool incident threatened in football career to reach the end of this season. He got fractured his spine in the month of September in the year 2000. He risked his future and also the future in the football. He had a high chance of getting the paralyze in his rest of the life.

God had his eyes on kaka after few months. He recovered from that life and career threatening accident. He joined in the team training after his full recovery and thus he is strong enough to undergo training. This incident made a kaka spiritual follower and made him to donate some part of his profits to the churches. That donations are way of telling thank to god for helping him to recover from the fracture. You can found many times, the after he scores the goal, he always remembered the god for saving him and be part of the football for ever.

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January 19, 2009.

Magnetizing the European Colossal

After the heavy training since his return after the fracture, he got a chance to prove him for the team Sao Paulo in January 2001. He did not disappoint a single person in the Sao Paulo and scores 12 goals in 27 matches in a single season. This warranted him a position in the other 2001/2002 reason; he didn’t show the sign of disappointment in the season. He scored 10 goals in 22 appearances of that particular season. He his all set to get a call from the European Clubs. One such big club is the AC Milan considered as the most powerful football team in the Europe. He signed with great confident to have a great European career.

From that the history is well known to all of them. Currently Kaka had very good fourth season with the AC Milan. In Kaka’s period the team won the Serie A championship, UEFA Champions League and the Italian Super Cup. He became an important asset to the AC Milan and also for Brazil Country.

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As a Brazil player kaka contributed much to the country by scoring 31 goals in 52 appearances. He gave out full support to the Brazil team in form of attacking midfielder. Brazil Football team is geared up by having kaka in the team. They are best team in the world by having kaka in their side.

Kaka was honored by awards. The real great players not believe in awards so as the kaka. But these awards are given to him as a honor to the awards and not the honor for him. Those honors include the,

Individual Achievements

Kaka contributed in win of his team. The titles won by them includes,

São Paulo

Kaka’s Raise as Idol and his Charisma

The word Kaka definitely storms the hearts of many people. Especially in Brazil he is a super star with unmatched popularity among the Brazilians. He not only got fans only in San Siro but also in the all over the world. This proves Kaka a world player. He is the most acknowledged player in the Soccer history after Pele and Ronaldo. His huge fan base makes him the preferable endorsement player for most of the advertising company. Many think what makes him so unique from other players. He is truly iconic player in the soccer.

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He is so tall and strong; however in sometimes he looks like a lean person but his fast spacing style projecting him as so strong. His approach to the opponent goal area is so unique piercing the defense of the opponent. Nobody plays like kaka and he is a exciting player to watch. Great player in every field arises in the right time when the team wants their performance desperately. This is the trademark of great players. No one can become a great player unless or until if they performed under the pressure and in the exact time. Kaka does this superbly by awaking in the right time and supports the team at any cost. Kaka performed in many international matches and in the club matches.

Those occasions are not the ordinary occurrence; these performances are produced by kaka when it really matters to him as well to the team. The match AC Milan’s vs. Manchester United is the good example of kaka’s genius ness in the football field. He made the match tie by projecting other players of the Brazilians as a normal player. The 2006 World Cup is not a good one for Brazil, but kaka still come out the fray and reached top in the world cup. He managed to perform well even the other Brazilians was not doing well. Many critics accept that Brazil’s good show only comes from the lights of kaka and it is only good thing that is happened in the world cup.

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Because of his extraordinary show in 2006 – 2007 champions league, AC Milan won the match for his country. A 2-1 score against the England’s Liverpool is an extraordinary performance by the AC Milan. He didn’t score the 2 goals of AC Milan but he is very impressive as Filippo Inzaghi who scored the goals for AC Milan. His passes, speed in the pitch and the vision of intruding in to the opponent goals area is very much appreciated by the commentary and critics of football game. These scenes produce glorified view to the eyes of every football lovers.

Because of his game performance and unique way of playing, he is the big endorsement player in the soccer game. Players who have such gaming talents and such attraction it’s a asset to any top club. Club AC Milan wants him for long to endorse more and more products. They even paid large sum of amount to kaka for getting the contract. Players like Ronaldo and Messi are in the top of soccer game, kaka would be a number one soccer player in the world in few years from now. He is still so young and has lot of years to go in the football game. If he continues to be dominating for few years, he can be the finest player in the soccer history and may join in the Brazilian’s finest player ever.

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