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A Master of Public Relations

Doing business and socializing with people around the world is amazing. This is the reason why I would like to pursue a master of public relations immediately after my undergraduate. Being an international student, I have been able to adventure in two different cultures, that of Canadian society and that of my home country. My proficiency in four different major languages is an added advantage that would boost my interests in public relations. My experience of working in a restaurant has given me a feeling that in order to communicate more effectively with my customers and in order to advertise the business in a better way, I need PR knowledge from a university.

Bachelor of commerce-global business management major and various accounting and finance courses increased my interest in the connection between the public relations and business. In the former, we studied the process of business management in developed and developing countries. Another talent of mine that piqued my interest is dancing, playing piano, drawing, swimming and art design. These talents would make me a successful publicist. A successful publicist needs to know how to be a good artist and how to do business

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My desire is founded on "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we often may win by fearing to attempt" (William Shakespeare). Most probably, the future belongs to those who see beyond the horizons. Various opportunities are for those who pierce through the clouds of oblivion with the force of their willpower. My believe has always been that the answer to my destiny depends on my creation of the results that I desire. To walk along the hallowed grounds of a flourishing and fruitful career, I ought to determine the course of my actions, and trust in their finality. In no doubt, I believe that this will lead me on to the path of my destiny.

Since I was young in, I have realized that the only field I could do exceptionally well in was social studies. When I bring to mind my days at school, I find out that the one subject I performed predominantly well in was social studies. Excellent grades in social studies in school assisted me gain admission to one of the best universities in the world. My love for public relations studies also encouraged me to take up higher studies in public relations and today, I am confident enough to undertake in any public relations task. Having been, I was introduced to the dynamic and metamorphic consumer market as well as the Advertising and PR scenario, I have realized the need to adapt my career angle to suit its ever-changing needs. For the same reason, I took up seven accounting and finance courses. Introspecting today, I trust that my study in the field of public relations and my marketing experience has presented me with an excellent base for further study in public relations.

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An accurate picture of the corporate world, exposure to the nature of public relations in my country pushes me into thinking about the interaction between the corporate world and the nature of service to the people. Today, since the need for improved public relations is inherent in the very nature of today's corporate needs, the many 'publics' with their conflicting interests need management by professionals with result-oriented public relations expertise. There is a steady recognition of the requirement to co-relate the conventional outlook towards public management with efficient organization and execution of effective public relation programs to keep in lieu with the current trends. To my mind, a real career in public relations cannot be made until one has knowledge in public relations, not especially for its academic appeal but in the hope that it will shed light on the most excellent road ahead. Since the distinction of public relations lies in its effectiveness, there is indeed a need for academically trained professionals who are taught to be strategic and competent.

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Since the institution is known for its advanced political and economic systems, I find the need to prepare myself in a specialized institute that will regard my knowledge and experience as a stepping-stone to higher education, and help me make bigger my horizon. An advanced skill in public relations in close co-ordination with the public relations is what I believe is fundamentally something I will achieve, when I acquire a master's degree in public relations.

I am aware that rigorous study in a specialized field is a difficult task to accomplish and do extremely well at. Nevertheless, my strong believe is that what we keep on in doing becomes easier for us accomplish; not for the reason that the nature of the thing has altered, but because the will and the power to do it has increased. I know what direction to take the force of my will, to make sure that my career does not remain within the ruins of vacillation. In this decision alone, my choice is the only path that shall lead me to certain success in your program.

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