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Concept of Grace in Galatians

In order to fully understand the concept of grace as stated in Galatians 1:6-9, the lexical-syntactical and theological analysis must be utilized accordingly. Using the theological approach, it is important to look at the way the text written will be approached. As in the subject above, it must be noted that in the entire Bible the word law and gospel are present in each book. There is no doubt that the Bible speaks of the law and the gospel as consistently as possible in order to emphasize the message it wants to convey. Theologically speaking, the personality of God is diverse but it does not change the fact that He is the Supreme God. He is all and at the same time holy and gracious. This is the very reason why Paul warned the Galatians churches to not forget the grace God showed to them and for them to return to the path of grace and salvation that was laid before them. As written in verse 6 of Galatians 1 New International Version, “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel.” This verse only shows that the Galatians that once have experienced and is still experiencing the grace of God has turned their back from the Lord and are now following false teachers of the law.

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Walking in the path of legalism as compared to the grace of God has been the new path that the Galatians are following. It can be easily adduced that grace is the controlling factor of the verse. God called His people and have freely rendered and showed mercy to them through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Such mercy has been given in order to lead them to God’s kingdom as oppose to the anathema that has been used in comparing people and the angels in verse 8. Paul described that regardless of whether humans or angels are preaching the word of God, the fact that the Galatians are following a false teacher will make them end to hell that is beyond reach of God’s grace and mercy (New International Version, 1984).

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Going back to 7th verse of the book in subject, Paul made it clear that there are people who are constantly perverting the word of God. This means that Paul did not overlooked the fact that there will be teachers that will surely divert the true meaning of the books and revelations of the Bible to persuade the people from believing otherwise. Hence, confusion will arise and people will follow whatever will sound good to them and that which will make them feel good as well. In addition, it is into Paul’s account that faithful and truthful disciples and followers of the Gospel of Jesus were sent to different parts of the globe to reach both the Jews and the Gentiles and share the gospel to them. Because of this, it is undeniable that even the gentiles in Galatians were able to hear the gospel together with the Jews. However, despite such preaching of the true gospel, there are still many false teachers that are arising and misleading the people from the truth. Paul warned them of those false teachers and advised that those who teach false teaching must be condemned by the society. But then again, it can be seen that it is in the nature of man to be easily misled hence, Paul made a strong warning to the Galatians to avoid being misled by false teachers and false teachings (Virkler, 1995).

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On the other hand, using the lexical-syntactical analysis, it can be seen that the writing of Paul used prose. From verses 1 to 5, he emphasized on the goodness of God by showering His people with grace no matter how stubborn and hard headed they may seem at times. The first few verses of the book are merely greetings from Paul to the churches of Galatians. Then, it became more serious when Paul stated a warning in verses 6-9. The clear and firm warning that Paul made in verse 6 to 9 was the meat of the whole chapter 1 of Galatians. It is the beginning of the realization and observation of Paul pertaining to the false teachings that are proliferating from France to the cities of Lystra, Antioch, Derbe and Iconium. All in all, the concept of grace as stated in the book of Galatians is the triggering factor that will lead people to salvation.

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