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“This is a new beginning in your life. Your future now lies in your hands. It is through school that you will be somebody of great importance to the society. Education is the key to success. You are supposed to work hard and remain focused from now onwards, but most important be ambitious, always aiming high.” Mrs. Jane - nursery class teacher - told us this in her welcoming speech, when she was welcoming us on the first day in school. Being ambitious is of great significance to anybody, who wants to achieve something in life. Since I was young, my parents used to ask me about what I wanted to be when I grow up. My answer was always to be a teacher so that I can acquaint students with skills that will enable them to live happy and successful lives. On hearing this, my parents usually asked me to be ambitious if I wanted to attain my dream. Hence, in this paper, I am going to discuss how the word ambitious describes me.

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Since then, I have been very ambitious, working hard at school and at home. I have one ambition - being a teacher. The words of Mrs. Jane are still ringing in my mind and help me to aim high. Since I was in nursery school, I kept on working hard, ready to learn new ideas, be corrected whenever I am wrong, and be punished where necessary. These saw me completing successfully my primary education. I scored good marks and earned a good grade, which helped me to secure a place in one of the best high schools in the country. In spite of many challenges that are associated with primary education, I remained focused, tolerating any hardship that I came across putting into consideration words of my father that nothing comes on a silvery plate. In primary school I was very active, performing well in academic, sports, and other activities. I had good friends, who were also focused and ready to learn. We helped each other in every bit of life while in school and at home. These were additional key factors that enabled me to perform well.

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In high school, life changed and things became hard. I met students from different parts of the world and we were taught a variety of subjects with new things both being taught local and international. Unlike in primary school where many languages were used - maybe because students were mostly from one area - English was the only language that was used to teach and every student was needed to use it. Nevertheless, I did my best to adapt to the new environment and rules governing the school. My first year went on well and I was among the students, who performed well at the end of the year. In the second year, I encountered some challenges with the main one being school fees. My father fell sick hence I could not pay my school fees on time. On some occasions, I was sent at home, where I sat for some time before raising some money. However, this did not kill my ambition or my determination, instead I felt more determined and worked more hard. This was done in order to cover sections that I had missed. I did my best, working hard daily until I completed my high school education and passed well. This helped me to secure a chance in our beloved college.

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It is true that there are many bright, skilled and brave people, who have failed in their endeavors simply because they are not ambitious. They are held back by petty issues that only require ambitious and stable mind. They lack proper objectives, but work hard trying to attain many objectives at the same time, failure to attain the first one demoralizes them. Being ambitious has helped me to raise and go to who I currently am. This is because I usually view myself as somebody special in the society even when I am experiencing difficult times. This has enabled me to overcome hardships and become more ambitious aiming higher. I have never allowed anything or situation to demoralize me or hold me back like what I usually see happening to my friends. I am also psychologically stable with high ability to manage and handle different difficult and annoying situations especially ones regarding academic.

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Generally, I am highly ambitious with full of hopes. I have been able to overcome many challenges that could have hindered me attaining my objectives. Education is my first priority and I will do anything to ensure that I complete my course and attain my objective. I am good in time management knowing what to do at certain time. Having seen many people failing in life due to the lack of ambition and determination, I will always remain ambitious and deliver all my best in whatever I undertake. I have started to see light at the end of the tunnel, now that I am in a college, I will do my best to emerge the winner with good grades that will help me to make another big step in life. I have been shaped by the difficulties of life that I have been undergoing, thus, I am sure that I can handle any challenge. I am still aiming higher no matter how close or far I am from attaining it, and I have never given the word “fail” a space in my mind since I do not believe in failures.

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