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Daily Feelings


Weary is a feeling of tiredness, especially after doing handwork or strenuous physical activities.


Frustrated can be described as being impatient or annoyed after failing to achieve set goals or failing to fulfill an objective.


Guilt evokes unhappy feelings, especially with the knowledge that one has wronged or done something wrong.


Today is one of those days that everyone wishes would go away faster. I woke up at around six in the morning feeling hungry and weary. I am feeling tired, because I probably have had only a few hours of actual sleep. I wonder how today is different from the rest of the week. Since, last month I have been having this recurring nightmare, almost every day. I have been dreaming that I am drowning every other day for the last one month. My nightmare always ends with my call for help, but nobody responds to my call. I cannot figure out why this dream is occurring to me daily. I am not superstitious, but I have told that dreams are an individual’s repressed feeling. I spent the first few minutes gathering my thoughts. After saying my morning prayers, I head to the shower. I am hoping that a hot bath will take away my tiredness. Tough luck, the hot water is finished again. Now I am thinking that this is not my day, I am totally frustrated. I take a cold shower, dress for the day and head for breakfast.

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I am already restless, which means that ordinary things can lead to anger. So, when my younger brother greets me with a bear hug, I snap at him. This made him seem remarkably hurt, which made me feel guilty at being impatient with him. The weary feeling has made my entire body feel tired, especially my back. The tiredness made me feel unable to do my daily chores, but it did not result in any sweating, just made me extremely frustrated. Frustration can be exceedingly overpowering, despite the fact that it is not an actual illness. This means that, I cannot pinpoint at a part of my body as the location’s pain. It is rather, the entire body that feels spent. This is ironical, since I have not done any manual works. Most of my mornings begin with a hot shower, dressing, breakfast, and then I go to school. I have not done anything unusual or seen scaring things for the last month.

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Neither has there been any unusual news that would lead to frustrations. This is the reason why I cannot figure out why I am feeling weary and have been having a recurring nightmare. My feelings this morning have led to anger and unpleasant thoughts. They make me feel as though I am about to experience something unpleasant. Today I did not feel like talking to anyone, and I spent the entire day thinking that something is wrong with me. Since I cannot pinpoint my pain or the source of my unpleasant day, I did not tell anyone about it. For this reason, I did not want to be close to anyone, I just wanted to be left alone.


The day seems endless and I was not able to concentrate in my class. I have been avoiding my friends the entire day. So after school, I left alone and went straight home. At home things did not improve either; I did not feel like talking to my family. I made up an excuse that I had a lot of assignment and headed straight to my room. I rest on the bed without being able to fall asleep; it takes a longtime to fall asleep.

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Day 2


Disappointment is feeling of being let down, especially by those close to you. One can also be disappointed by their own actions or reactions.


Contented can be described as feeling of fulfillment or satisfaction.


Confidence can be described as a positive outlook towards all challenges that one faces; thus, the capability to deal with any issue.


Today I woke up a little bit late and terribly hungry. I can feel the hunger pangs deep in my stomach. After showering and dressing, I head to the kitchen determined to eat whatever was left after supper last night. Unlike most other days, the fridge is empty. I am disappointed with my family, since everyone must have been aware that I did not take supper last night. I cannot believe that they finished all the food that had been prepared for everyone. I am determined not to display any anger today. However, judging from the way this day has begun, I cannot be sure that I will get through without being angry.

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On the kitchen table, I can see my brother giving me unusual glances. It is as if he is not sure how to treat me this morning. I can quickly guess that his hesitation has something to do with yesterday morning. I walk over, smiling at everyone and wishing them a good morning. I drink a cup of coffee and eat a few slices of bread and I am off, only not directly to school but at the nearest restaurant. I order a quick meal and sit next to the window. I guess I must have been lost in my own thoughts when I notice the amusing glance I am getting from some of my neighbors on the next table taking coffee. I look up at them and smile, then continue eating my meal. After finishing my meal, I feel much better. I head to the counter to pay the bill and go to school. I am feeling satisfied now that I have eaten, the hunger pangs are over. On my way to school, I feel unusually calm and contented, so far I feel better than yesterday.

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The hunger pangs made me feel a deep pain in my stomach, but after eating, the pain was gone. The pain, however, was intense and it took a lot of courage to hide it from my family. Though the pain was deep, I was determined not to let it affect my positive attitude. Therefore, it did not affect the way I treated those that I met before I had a meal. After eating to my contentment, I felt extremely calm. This made me smile at everyone I met. The pain was unpleasant, but I knew it source and cause. This knowledge made me feel confident that I could overcome it. Although, I did not talk to anyone about my pain by treating everyone pleasantly, I felt as everyone was smiling at me.


Being disappointed can lead one to feel hurt or as if he or she has been abandoned. Hunger, on the other hand, can lead to physical pain in one’s stomach. Feeling contented can lead to an extremely positive outlook in life that no matter what comes your way, one feels confident enough to overcome it. Unlike yesterday, today I feel capable of handling all my troubles.

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Day 3


Free can be described as the feeling of being under control or having the power to achieve one’s ambitions.


Being capable is having the feeling that you can to do anything.


Being joyful is a feeling of extreme happiness, and it makes one able to extend one’s happiness to others.


After a fantastic day yesterday, I woke up happy this morning not even sure that of whether I had my nightmare that has been recurring for the last one month. Today is a weekend, so I do not have to go to school or get out of bed early. I have decided to spend a few hours in bed listening to music. I feel free and exceedingly happy, partly because my premonition of drowning is gone. After a few hours lazing in bed, I took a shower at nine and went to the kitchen for breakfast. My family has already left the house. Although I have been left alone at home, I do not feel abandoned. I feel joyful as I undertake chores around the house. Throughout the day, I sing on top of my voice as I move from one chore to the next. I am glad that the trying week is coming to an end. By the time, my family returned home in the evening, I have cleaned the house and made supper for everyone.

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Unlike day one, today I felt happy and joyful. My entire body felt energetic and capable of undertaking any strenuous activity without tiring. Joy and happiness can also be extremely positive and overpowering feelings. These feelings made me feel capable of doing anything. They also made me feel like doing marvelous things for those around me. It was quite a pleasant feeling that left me immensely pleased with myself. I can describe feeling free, joyful and capable as being extraordinarily sturdy and capable of making one feel like he or she can accomplish anything they set out to do. This feeling made me feel like doing marvelous things for my family and those around me. Being capable, joyful and free can be easily communicated to those around you through one’s actions. Since, I made myself useful, I believe my family become aware of how I felt. This made me feel closer to them, and they could see that I was happy.

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Being in control can be extremely uplifting, it can also give an individual the capability to make a positive decision. In addition, joyfulness can be extended to others. While, capability enables one to do anything they set their minds to do.

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