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Personality Types

Personality is defined as a mixture of qualities and characteristics that influence the way a person thinks, feels or behaves. Personality types are classified into four major groups, namely: the sanguine, choleric, melancholy and phlegmatic people. Analysis of these personality types focuses majorly on understanding the personal differences in the context of social integration and their level of petulance. Also, personality is studied with intent to understand how all the diverse sections integrate as a whole (Littauer, 2011). This article will discuss the differences and similarities of sanguine and choleric personalities. Focus will be made mainly on how these types of personalities affect relationships at the corporate and social scene.

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Sanguine personality is the most sociable of all other types. Sanguine people are talkative, they like to socialize and have fun. They are optimistic and charming, which makes others like to stay close to them. On the other hand, choleric personalities are great achievers with strong self-conviction and self-confidence (Littauer, 2011). They are able to set long-term goals and achieve them. This makes them suit best in leadership positions.

People with a sanguine personality are generally extroverted and, therefore, they have a lot of energy. They also love the life of extravagance, always willing to make an impression on others by their luxurious clothes, gadgets and other expensive accessories. For instance, when sanguine are given a chance to spend, they enjoy staying in expensive hotels, enjoy comfortable cruises, always getting their delight from wealth (Littauer, 2011). This explains the reason why they tend to settle in large cities where they can satisfy their cravings without difficulty. This kind of pleasure makes them overlook the realities of life and nagging problems of the world. As a matter of fact, they are usually ready to take risks in order to satisfy much of their interests. They normally feel bored in case they are not engaged in something fascinating. It is worth noting that their constant desire for exploration is the greatest driving force behind their preferences and actions.

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Furthermore, sanguines are very creative especially in art. They make the best poets, musicians among other artists. They are also characterised by long for knowledge. This implies that they make very good students in school and end up having several degrees later in life.

On the other hand, choleric personalities are mostly obsessed with generation of wealth. They are interested in investments and other kinds of avenues for generating money. They are usually very practical and possess an entrepreneurial gift. They are always looking for new opportunities and how they can develop flourishing business so that it becomes successful and profitable for other people (Littauer, 2011). They also like autonomy and therefore, they do not do well in subordinate positions. Moreover, they are analytical and rational. As a result, they are usually doubtful and thus, they are not easily convinced. They prefer carrying out investigation on the actual facts, and then evaluate them. These qualities make them best in figuring out things.

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Cholerics are associated with expediency. It is common for them to make decisions and implement them immediately. However, unlike many people, they are usually very decisive, tough-minded and therefore, they have no problem if given a variety of multiple choices to chose from. In addition, choleric people have excellent problem solving skills. Once they have logically analysed their strategies, they act courageously and with self-confidence. They can endure a wide range of hardships provided their efforts will lead them to their ultimate goal. They are also very autonomous while paying little attention to bureaucracies (Littauer, 2011). These qualities are very essential for anyone to succeed in business; hence choleric people excel so much in this field. They are usually well-informed as far as setting and achievement of goals is concerned.

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It is worth noting that cholerics show a sense of disinterest to their own feelings due to the fact that they totally control their emotions. They normally appear cool and well-composed as well as very convincing. Choleric women are usually rare but the few who are present become very prominent. They handle issues in a very different way, sometimes even disappointing their partners due to their commitment in business and other projects, which compromises their availability to their spouses.

A combination of choleric and sanguine partners forms a good couple. They value building relationships and creating new friends. This is because people who share these personalities are both extroverts. Also, both cholerics and sanguines have a good ability to socialize with people although the latter are more sociable than all the other personality types. In the business field, this is a good trait since most businesses grow based on long-term relationships (Littauer, 2011). In addition, good customer service is the result of businessmen who know how to create and retain good relationships. In addition, good leadership qualities such as dedication and reliability which are evident among cholerics result to effectiveness in success of the business when they are coupled with contributions from sanguine partners who appear to be optimistic, enthusiastic and passionate.

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In addition, a choleric husband and a sanguine wife can make a good couple. This happens because the fun loving sanguine personality assists the workaholic choleric to relax and take pleasure in life for a moment. On the other hand, the choleric partner would help to see things done without procrastination due to their decisive and spontaneous nature. Furthermore, cholerics have interest in wealth generation while sanguines are good in spending it. This implies that as the husband gets fascinated by generation of wealth, his wife would assist them to enjoy it. However, there are drawbacks that are associated with such a combination of partners on both the social and corporate levels (Littauer, 2011). When these temperaments lack intellectual or spiritual influence, they can display their most ugly features. For instance, quarrels can easily erupt out of small views difference or misunderstandings due to intolerance. Also, their talkative nature can be unhealthy especially when it is not controlled.

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