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Modern Human Sexuality

This is an essay based on modern sexuality. It seeks to compare two views of the topic one from a research perspective and another from a social article in the modern world. The essay is organized into three sections with each section centered about a single perspective. The first section identifies a scholarly article and offers a summary on the same focusing on the hypothesis and methods of research used. The second part identifies a popular social article and gives a review of the same. The third section compares and contrasts the two views proposed by the two articles and their effectiveness in communication. The conclusion is based on the findings from the two articles.

This report on modern sexuality was compiled by NFO Research group for AARP. The research was conducted by AARP under the consultation of Dr McKinley .It was published on the 3rd of August 1999.

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Study Objectives

To investigate the role played by human sexuality in promoting modern lives: The research sort to find out the role of sexuality in other spheres of life including social, political and economic performance.

To investigate the Role played by medical research in promoting sexual performance: The research sort to investigate the effect medical research and intervention has on sexual performance for both males and females.


The research was carried out on 1384 adults who were aged 45 years and above. The methods used for collecting data included: administering questionnaires, interviews, analyzing data available in journals, archives and many other documentations.

Interview: Interviews were conducted over phone calls and documented for analysis over 1300 people were interviewed

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Questionnaires: The questioners were distributed on mails and sort to collect information based on the objectives and research hypothesis.

Archived data: The information archived in medical and social journals was also used as a basis for the documentation of the report.

Results: It was found out that human sexual behavior is influenced by a variety of factors. The most predominant being: Age, sex, health, media, moods and sexual partners.

Section Two

This section is a review on Ryan Duggins article ‘Partying and girlfriends’. The article is about new human trends regarding dating and partying. It is entitled “Can you be in a Relationship and Still Be a Party Animal?”Ryan is a renowned journal writer in London who writes mainly for the daily mail sabotage times.

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The article is about a Friday night on a pay day, normally left for partying and outings. Themes captured in this article include: drugs, alcohol, relationships, marriage and media among others. It is presented in a modern setup and concentrates mainly on the view of a modern society with regard to human sexuality.

The writer depicts a party setup where people come dressed in all manners depending on their tastes, preferences objectives cultural beliefs moods among others. Although there are various people depicted in the party they differ greatly in terms of the time they spend in the party, their social allies in the party, concentration during party events among others.

Ryan presents in this article an unfulfilling sexual relationship dramatically presenting the events that follow after night parties. He gives advice regarding   Face booking, dancing, and texting among other factors that lead to misunderstandings during night –out parties. Ryan’s article is a synopsis of a modern relationship between a man and a woman .He portrays a relationship based on peer influence and controlled by painful drama resulting from diversity in views between men and women.

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The article leaves the audience pitying the modern world in which human sexuality and human sexual behaviors have run out of hand. In fact the writer summarizes the article by advancing his gentleman character to try singlehood since his relationship does not serve its purpose.

Section 3: Comparison


The two articles identify similar trends regarding sexuality especially so in a modern world. They both portray human sexual behavior to be complex and one that is controlled by quite a number of factors. The two articles also agree on basic fundamentals regarding differences between males and females; they both portray the two sexes to poses different reactions to a single factor.

Similar factors that influence human sexual behavior identified by the two articles include; sexual partners, moods, media, sex of the individual, and age. The most dominant themes in the two articles include: singlehood, marriage, and that of relationships.

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Although the two articles focus on a modern human sexuality they use two different approaches. The first article gives a professional approach to present findings of a research. The second one by Ryan Duggings has a journalism approach based on the writer’s view of the topic in question.

The two articles also points out different factors that influence human modern sexual behaviors. The scholarly article by AARP identifies human health condition as a factor while the second does not. Ryan’s article on the other hand identifies drugs and alcohol as major factors influencing both sexual behavior and performance.

The first article is more emphatic and lays its arguments on research, it is therefore more reliable than the second.This means of communication has greater impacts to those who bother to read it than the second.

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The second article presents its views in a more reader friendly tone and is more appealing to the reader. As a means of communicating it influences a greater percentage of the population than the first and hence more successful in this perspective.


Although sexuality is a common topic within the public domain professors and other scholars are justified to teach it in learning institutions. As observed from the two articles sexuality is a complex art .It is influenced by unlimited factors a better understanding of these factors .Substantial time and resources dedicated to studies regarding human sexuality do not amount to a waste .A proper understanding of human sexuality is a prerequisite for survival in the 21st century 

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