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Adolescence is a period psychological and physical development from the beginning of puberty to adulthood. I interviewed a group of adolescents and some adults with the aim of getting further information about adolescence.


The investigation was carried on at a basket playing ground where a group of teenagers was observed keenly. I observed how they related and talked to each other. I picked two girl and two boys at random and asked them some questions. I also asked some adults who were there to tell me what they have noted in them.


Many adolescents were found to be doing almost everything in groups (peer groups). The act of violence among them was a common experience.  Those I interviewed gave some reasons for their violent behaviors. The causes as I received them from the few adolescents that I interviewed were as follows;

  • The usage of drugs and alcohol
  • Genetic factors
  • The previous violent or aggressive behavior
  • Single parenting where they don’t get enough parental guidance
  • Family chaos at home

Most of them do not show respect to their elders. They see them like their colleague. This was from one of the elderly persons I interviewed. They do not listen to their parents as they used to. When warned against harmful behaviors they think thank the parents are denying them their right to be happy. They are always under pressure from either their parents or their peers. Their parents always tell them not to do the wrong but their peers tell them to sneak out to do the wrong. They are caught between their parent’s advice and their colleagues’.

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Their eating trends changes. They were always eating. You could find boys eating snacks as they cycled.  Those I interviewed they said that they had an increased appetite. Before they could even skip some meals, but now they eat a lot. This explains their physical body growth. Though they both ate more than usual, boys ate more than the girls. Many adolescents experience psychosocial crisis. They are always caught between two issues. Obeying their parents or following their peer’s advice. Getting rid of shyness or remain shy. Obeying their instincts or not and other crisis.  Adolescents are sometimes stressed because of the psychosocial crisis. They are emotionally unstable and they get irritated quickly. At this period, they tend to experiment many risky things like unprotected sex and drugs.

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Adolescence is a very crucial period in life. Adolescents can do something at this age that they may live to regret or spoil their lives completely. At this time, they want to be shown all the love from their parents and the elderly people around them. They should be given advice about their physical stage and be told how they can protect themselves from bad influences that can do harm to their lives. If some abnormal acts of violence are observed, a visit to a psychiatrist can help a big deal.          


The data suggested that the adolescents walk in groups because they do not trust themselves and they feel insecure. The use of violence is used to show their superiority. The disrespect to the elders is because they feel more superior to everybody else. They want to be treated like adults. The risky behavior they get themselves in because they have seen or had from the adults. Since they want to be treated like one, they do what adults do. Their snacking habit is due to growing tissues and cells in the body. This habit increases their chance of suffering from diseases like obesity and being overweight. 

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