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The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Decision making process in families is a dubious act that needs to be dealt with cautiously to avoid family breakup. In the novel "The grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck (1939), a cast family, the Joads lucks an elaborative consensus agreement system. This is seen through a council meeting held when the family wanted to go to California. Grandpa's decision was never respected. When Pa Joad arrives after selling family property at a loss, they still consents to leaving for California. It seems Pa Joad can sell family property without involving family members and nobody questions. In comparison to my family, consensus agreement system is also never practiced. All decisions are made by my Dad who never consults anybody. Any disagreement will always fall into deaf ears just the way Grandpa's disagreement fell into deaf ears in the Joads family (John Steinbeck 1939; Grapes of Wrath, chapter 10 as quoted in Sparks notes).

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In chapter eight, the Joads are united by Tom who has been released from prison at Uncle John's house. Uncle John is the final decision maker in his family and with much power. His wife died for relying on him to hire a doctor to treat her stomach. Pa Joad also buys a new truck and is only assisted to bring it home but does not consult before doing so. My family once hosted the family of my Uncle Fred during Christmas. The decision to host them was from my father who is always a dictator and nobody questions his decisions. The only deference between us and the Joads is that the Joads can afford council meetings while with us it is unheard off.

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