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Child Effects on Communication

The research question that was answered was: what are the effects of Communication between Parents of Youth to their children. The participants of the research were children with ADHD/ those without ADHD and their parents. Wymbs, et al (2010), define Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD as a developmental disorder that is thought to be neurobehavioral. It is chiefly characterized by the co-existence of hyperactivity and attentional problems in children, it is important to note that each behavior will occur infrequently alone and symptoms will thus start before the child is seven years.

Pelham et al., (1997), participants were 'normal' children (those with ADHD and without ADHD) and their parents in the home situation. Participants were got from within the experimental society and the research was done in such a way that; Parent couples of children aged between 9 and 12 with ADHD (n being 51) and those without ADHD (n thus being equal to 39) were then indiscriminately assigned to relate with disruptive/typical confederate children. The research method used best fits naturalistic observation since the participants was observed in their natural home setting. This type of research method entails observation and it is commonly used by psychologists and/or social scientists it mainly involves the observation of subjects in their very natural habitats (take the case of the children observed with their parents in their home setting). Researchers go to very great care to avoid making any interference with behavior being observed by trying to use methods that will be inconspicuous. Without prejudice they will be studying the events as they would occur naturally, without any external interventions (Manoli, et al 2007). The method can be used to observe animals in their very natural habitats, humans being animals can thus be observed using the same method. The method may be such that it could be can be overt whereby participants are very much aware that they are under observation or the covert method whereby the participants have no clue at all that they are under observation. It is good to note that there will be ethical guidelines that need to be taken into consideration when the researchers opt to use covert observation method.

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Quantity or condition altered to initiate a change in another other quantity is what is known as the manipulated variable. The manipulated variables were children with ADHD and those without ADHD. The observer then dully noted that the parents who interacted with the disruptive confederates ended up communicating less positively, the end result being that they then communicated in a more negative manner with one another during and even after their interactions than was the case with those parents who had earlier interacted with the typical confederates.

Observational coding then indicated that child effects on the more negative interparental communications were further conspicuous among the parents of youths having ADHD, predominantly those who had conduct disorders, than was compared with the parents of youths without ADHD. These findings thus extend the results of any/all prospective studies that will thus be highlighting child effect on any marital qualities.

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The results were able to reveal a very clear raise in the publications of such similar investigations over the last decade and with very broad disparities within the quality of scientific reporting methods used by many researchers. Many researchers have been able to observe over 170 parent and child behaviors. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of parent and child behavior category have been able to consistently reveal the experimental-control set differences. Suggestions for any future research can be offered with very specific stress upon development of practical alternatives, sensitive to very multi-element, highly elaborate and the complex behavioral coding system that is currently employed.

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