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Elements of Religious Traditions

One of the common characteristics of religions is the belief in uncanny beings and forces. Since memorial times, spiritual relationships between people and divine beings has always been practiced. It has come to be accepted as a norm in individual existence in the world. Various religious traditions refer to the supernatural beings with superiority preference. They are given attributes such as the Great one, Ultimate, Almighty, and the Holy among others. They encourage relationship with the divine as a way of subjection to a higher authority. It is a way of showing how humans are weak beings who require support from some powerful and supernatural beings (Saliba, 2003). Some religions are polytheists, and therefore they worship many gods. On the other hand, others are monotheist with a belief in existence of only one God who is above all.

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Different religions usually have set times designated as sacred for worship. This time can be a specific time of the day, week or seasons of the year appointed for religious performance. For instance, most of the Christians have set aside Sunday as a day of worship, Muslims have it on Friday and Jews worship their God on Saturday. By practising and experiencing the sacred times, a believer lives out a unique understanding of eternal truth that gives significance to normal time (Saliba, 2003). It is during sacred times that a believer becomes acquainted with what is essential in her or his idea of the holy.

Throughout history, different religions have had their sacred places. It is a place that generates a sense of awe since the believers get spiritual connection with the divine at this very place. Most of the traditional religions within the African setting used mountains, rivers, trees among other natural features as sacred places for worship (Saliba, 2003). These are still being used today in addition to churches for Christians, mosques for Muslims and synagogues for Jews among others. Sometimes, for a place to be sacred, it calls for special ceremonies and rituals to purify it of any uncleanness. It is worth mentioning that different religions regard their sacred places differently (Sovik, n.d). For instance, in some religions, believers are expected to be in specific attire while meeting in their sacred places. However, this observance is not seen in other religions.

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Almost all religions encourage healthy relationships among its adherents. Believers are taught that they are all unified by the same faith and therefore, just like in a family setting, they should establish and maintain good relationships with each other. The fact that they have one divine leader who is fair and impartial makes people in the same religion to be kind to each other (Saliba, 2003). On the other hand, differences in religious beliefs have always shown their ugly side. Sharp differences and other negative developments have filled the topic on religious conflicts, sometimes resulting even to deaths.

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