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Sin can be described as an infringement of religious or moral law. It is mostly referred to as a deliberate action that is regarded as extremely erroneous. According to religious point of view, sin can be described as an act that makes an individual to ‘miss the mark’ (Peters 204). This essay will discuss the issue of sin within the religious and moral frameworks. In order to achieve this, the central message in two short stories, The Storm by Kate Chopin and The Lawsuit by Naguib Mahfouz will be considered.

The narrator in The Storm demonstrates the effect of flirtation that exists between the two main characters in the story, Calixta and Alcee. The narrator shows how a stormy atmosphere exists between the two before developing further into intimacy. She illustrates how this tension fades away just after they have sexual relation. She presents a controversial issue in this context. Calixta and Alcee broke the moral and religious laws that withhold married people from having sexual intimacy outside their marriage institution (Bartee, n.d., para. 5). However, the narrator expresses how the storm that existed between Calixta and Alcee lasted until their sexual encounter. Instead of having a feeling of guilt from their actions, they become refreshed and transformed.

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Natural law requires partakers in a marriage institution to respect their partners. This law binds them further from engaging in sexual relations with people outside their marriage institution. A breakage from this law translates into sin and, therefore, the conduct by Calixta and Alcee is not an exception. Although the two were happy and unremorseful of their actions, the fact still holds that they committed adultery, a sin that is highly punishable by religious laws (Strauss para. 16). It is worth noting that sin is a debatable subject. After the sexual encounter, Calixta was able to experience her full feminine sexuality than the way she used to do with her husband. Despite the fact that she enjoyed this experience, her religious and moral laws define her as a sinful woman.

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In addition, The Lawsuit by Mahfouz is yet another story that helps to bring out the controversy that lies within issue of sin. The story focuses on a man who married a young lady in her early twenties, although he had not yet divorced his other wife. This act raises the question of his polygamist nature. The main character in the story is a man who was charged in a court of law by his father’s widow. She was claiming to be paid some amount of money due to her desperate situation.

The narrator shows how the woman is to be pitied although initially, she had contributed to the genesis of the problem that affected this family. The death of the older brother resulted from a wrestle with his father. The father died later on from stroke. This did not end problems within the family since the woman still followed the main character, demanding for payment. He was very much agitated, but his anger faded away after he met the woman and realized how desperate she was. The woman is to blame for the misfortunes that befell the family. Nevertheless, the man sympathises with her. What she did was a sin, an act that is unacceptable within the religious and moral framework.

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Most of the religious beliefs portray a man as a creature that is very susceptible to sin. He is usually not able to live a righteous life that will make him be acceptable before his maker. This is a clear indication of how man has been entangled in sin and unable to fulfil his obligations as expected of him (Peters 204). However, even if most of the people in the world have not been able to uphold religious and moral righteousness, sin can never be justified. Instead, everyone should strive to guard his morals amidst all the storms and challenges in life.

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