Custom «Health Care Providers and Faith Diversity» Essay Paper Sample

Health Care Providers and Faith Diversity

The purpose of this paper is to explore various perspectives of spiritual healing based on different faiths, and their influence on health care provision. It discusses critical healing components of prayer meditation, and beliefs. It also explains the interaction between health care providers of different faiths or religious views from the patients. In this paper, I discuss the health care provision in relation to Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu faith.

Christian perspective on Spiritual Healing

According to Christians, man was created in God’s image, and He made provision for healing in the bible. When Jesus was on earth, healing was part of his ministry, and throughout the Bible, there is evidence of healing from the Old to the New Testament. Christians believe that God does heal our bodies, soul and mind, when we live according to His will. What differs in the Christian faith is the belief of where the mode through which the healing comes through. Some believe in the miraculous healing while others believe that God uses health care providers to make them better through modern medicine.

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Buddhists perspective on Spiritual Healing

They believe in spiritual healing of body, soul and mind through meditation with mantras. They are not opposed to modern medicine, they just believe that it deals with the physical symptoms, while Buddhism as a religion and philosophy deals with the root cause of diseases through the enlightenment to end suffering in our beings. When receiving health care, they prefer to have a member of the same sex attend to them (Ehman, 2007).


They believe in divine healing, and will conduct rituals that aid in the healing. While receiving care in the health care facilities by non Hindu practitioners, certain things have to be taken into consideration. The Left- right hand rule allows them to use the right hand for clean business like eating, and the left for the unclean like toileting.

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