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The Culture of Nepal

The culture of Nepal is based in India. It is a culture that was started by Lord Shiva. They share common values and beliefs which they follow steadily. The families practicing this culture love and support each other unconditionally. This culture is rich in Music and celebrations which are always accompanied by dancing and spreading of outstanding aromas in the atmosphere. The Nepal culture is one that has many strong beliefs which facilitate the bond in families and community at large. People in this culture believe in living together as a family. Hence, the families stay in one household as an extended family.

The Nepal culture has several practices, which they follow strictly. Amongst these practices, is the association between men and women. Men are always regarded as the heads of the family. In this case, the grandfather is given the highest position. He is the one who makes the final decisions in the family. Women also have their part to play. Although women’s opinion is not given the first priority in decision making, they play a crucial role in housekeeping and organizing of household chores. Women in this culture cook indigenous meals, and the most significant meal in the family is dinner where all people must gather and eat together (Shrestha, 2002).

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Religion is extremely valuable amongst the Nepalese people. The Nepal culture is fully engraved in the culture. When practicing the Nepal culture, a person is equally practicing the religion. Their strong belief and unwavering faith in their religion, enhances them to teach their children about their religion and belief. As time moves on, the young generation has a liberal view on the issue of religion. A person can choose the religion that befits his or her interests. The people in this culture have a common native language. However, some people have learnt English. Hence, they also speak English as a second language (Shrestha, 2002).

Amongst their values and practices, the Nepalese people have holidays, which they celebrate with a lot of songs and dance. The most celebrated holiday in culture is Bada Dasain. This is considered an auspicious holiday of the culture. This holiday last for fifteen days coupled with merry. In this festive season, people celebrate the victory of good over evil. Families gather together from far places to celebrate the season and their successes. In their songs and dance, it is easy to notice the cultures they practice. This is because their songs and dance always reflect a certain message in worship to their gods. The Nepalese have no issues on racism. These are a people of one religion, one language, and one culture. In addition, they can intermingle with people of other religions and faiths. They do not feel intimidated by foreign cultures.

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In this Culture education is regarded as mandatory. It is particularly salient for a person to attain education in the Nepal culture. Parents in this setup ensure that their children attend school and maintain high standards of discipline. This is regarded as the stepping stone to success. However, women in this culture are not educated. Men are given first priority in the family in terms of education. Valuing time and being punctual always is taken as a sign of responsibility and integrity in an individual. Respect is a fundamental issue in this culture to both the young and old. It is a disgrace for a younger person to talk back to an elderly man or woman. It is prohibited to cut off other people when talking. This is regarded as disrespect and lack of discipline. A person has to be polite while addressing older people (Shrestha, 2002).

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