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Islam and Hinduism

The religion practiced in the far-east is Hinduism, and that of the middle-east is Islam. As is with every other religion, moral code of the society is defined by what the religions refers to as good or evil. Sometimes, the line between good and evil is so narrow that one cannot define when and where an action crosses the boundary.

Hinduism and Islam have sizeable following in the world, and their beliefs on what is good or evil can have a bearing on the welfare of all people in the world.


In Hindu fraternity the problem of evil is structured differently form most other traditions in the western world as well as in Islam itself. A phrase “problem of injustice” is what is used to refer to evil. Most Hindus ask the question, if God is Omniscient, Omnipotent and just, then why do such injustices exist in the world today? It is common believe that evil and good exist in equilibrium set by god. There is nothing that goes unpunished so when one wrongs another person the best thing to do is to let the person go without confrontation.

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In Hindu religion, it is difficult to criticize any belief since they are so many and often they contradict one another. Hindus believe that all paths lead to god, and they if a devotee is sincere, then all practices he does are good!

In Hindu, it is good to be welcoming to everyone in the world. This is because they believe in reincarnation. If a person performs so badly in this life, he or she will be reincarnated in to an animal in lower caste.

According to Hinduism evil and good are in the world and not real, they only exist in minds of people and spoken by words by the same people. None of the two can exist alone. What is referred to as good depends on what is referred to as evil; thus, they are interdependent and cannot be separated. One thing can appear good under certain circumstance but appear completely different in some other circumstances; hence it is wise to say that in Hindu good or evil is based on logic. For example, fire can be termed as good when it offers warmth during cold days of winter, but evil when it burns down man’s property. Consequently we can conclude that that, which fits within, ones interests is termed as good and that which goes against them or causes suffering is termed as evil.

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Hinduism is a realistic religion where it is believed everything is occurring as it supposed to be. Death is good and evil, and so is suffering and pain. Each has to be looked form its side. Recently some Hindus are concurring that unless the religions basic tenets are amended or revised then they are not fit to continue being Hindus. It is dangerous to practice Hindu, depending on reason everything is accepted. One can get away with any act regarded as evil in Islam and other world religions long as the devotee is sincere with it according to Hindu believes. One should bring up his family in Godly ways failure to which he will be committing a sin. It is also evil to kill an animal for its meat. That is why vegetarianism is advocated in Hindu.

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The highest of all good in Islam is belief and worship of none other but Allah. In Islam consumption of pork is prohibited and evil. This is because it is considered in Islam that both food and drink are of importance to peoples’ health. Moreover, this is to uphold the purity of soul and hygiene. According to Islam both bad and good are in person as a result of up bringing, environment and education, the religion teaches how to attain virtues to mitigate these faults.

It is good for women to gaze lowly and not display their ornaments and beauty. Moreover, they should also draw their veils to cover their bosoms. They can only display their beauty to their closest relatives. This way women in Islam cannot be seen semi-naked in public like in the western world today, cannot use their bodies to promote commercial commodities, cannot commit abortion as Islam believes in the sanctity of life. “If a woman was with her boyfriend”, she would not behave like an unpaid prostitute like the western girls. It is terribly evil to perform witchcraft to kill in Islam. Evil eye is a sin and evil since it leads to jealousy. In slam marriage is good and it is evil to practice celibacy.

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Both Hinduism and Islam allow one to kill, as long as the person killed does not support your thought or believe; hence death is both evil and upheld at times depending on the reason behind it. It is not wrong or sinful to worship more than one god in Hinduism, since they practice polytheism but tin Islam there is only one god Allah. According to Islam God punishes eternally, but in Hindu god is kind and always gives a chance to all soul to come to the right path. From this, we can deduce that it is evil to judge in Hinduism, but it can to a lesser extend be done in Islam. It is general believe that, all creation including evil is the creation of god in both religions hence further complicating what they stand for when they refer to certain things or actions being good  or evil. Lust, greed, pride anger and jealousy are all at some point considered as evil, and god continually offers the person possessed to return to the rightful path.

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It is wrong and evil to be polygamous in Hindu, but it is very okay when in Islam. Moreover, they both prohibit intimacy and congregation of different sexes outside wed lock or family relations. If one was to kiss in public, it would be taken as one of the biggest evils in both religions. Premarital sex, adultery and other extra marital relationships are evil in both religions. Just like the way Islam does not allow eating of pork, Hindus do not take beef as bulls and cows are sacred. Abortion in both of these religions is evil and is tantamount to committing murder.

On a contrary turn out of events, Islam considers every person equally thus it is evil to discriminate while in Hindu is not evil to consider people as unequal due to the caste system

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In conclusion, both Islam and Hinduism consider actions as good or evil depending on circumstances, and the general perception of the majority or the parties involved. For example, Muslims can kill in the name of jihad “The holy” war and be forgiven but not when they kill one of their faithful.

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