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Judaism, Christianity and Islam

1. Since all religions have a form of mysticism, compare mysticism in Judaism, Christianity, and Sufi Islam

The above three have been referred to as the Abrahamic religions.  Religion has remained mystified to the many believers and in respect to Judaism, Christianity, and Sufi Islam there are mystic practices and experiences such as dramatic visions, divine communication spiritual prayers and faith related lifestyles that define each religion. The Judaism faith has the Jewish bible which describe of a mystical experience where Moses conversed with God in form of a burning bush, there was also the heavenly chariot that took Ezekiel, and a prophetic dream that Joseph had (Eastman, 1999). In Christianity there is the apostle creed that gives the mysteries of their Lord Jesus Christ who died was crucified and rose again. In Islam Allah's call of the prophet Mohammad through an angle define the mystical experiences. The Quran is also a mystery and referred to as the sacred text.

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2. Discuss scripture and specific impacts on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Each religion has its own holy book that is looked upon to give guidelines, instructions and wise teachings to the believers. Judaists believe in the Hebrew Bible which has three parts the Torah (the law), Neviliim (the prophets) and Ketuvim (writings). These give the teachings that make them believe in their God and prophets. The scripture has made them differ in the faith since others believe differently. The Christians on the other hand believe in the Bible which is also Hebrew but have added the New Testament that believes in the coming of Jesus Christ. Muslims believe in the Quran which also have the prophets' message (Eastman, 1999). The scripture has made the three religions differ in view and though the texts have evidence of similar issues they have remained different in faith.

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3. Discuss early oral tradition in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Is there currently any oral tradition in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

The three religions have been described as the Abrahamic faiths where oral traditions have been told of their ancestor Abraham who was promised numerous descendants and vast land and blessings (Kelber, & Sanders, 2010). This was passed on to the believers and is also currently the beliefs. These oral traditions have been documented in their scripture and have been passed from generation to the next to keep the faith burning.

4. Compare Islam and Christianity on the doctrine of God.

While the Islam believes in Allah the only one God the Christians believe in God who is trinity. They have differed on the issues of having a three in one God. The trinity is made up of God the father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Ghost.

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5. Compare Islam and Christianity on who is Jesus Christ

The Muslims have regarded Jesus as their Prophet while Christians regard Jesus as God the son. To Muslims Jesus is a prophet of Allah and was given messages to convey to the people just like other prophets. To Christians Jesus is the only son of God that was sent to save them from their sins through his death on the cross. They believe that he is the messiah who died and rose again to give them eternal life.

6. Discuss: God is unknowable in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

To all the Abrahamic religions God is supreme and omnipresent, he is strong and controls the whole world and all that are in it, he must be reveled and worshiped so that persons can get life after death. There is no true identity of the Supreme Being and he has always been a mystery to them (Geering, 2003). He used communication through prophets and other specific persons to give the rules to the believers and this has been the trend in all religions. This means that they don't know HIM, they only believe in the experience of his actions but he cannot be seen nor touched. For Christians they only believe and they experience his power. The people have continued to believe in the oral traditions of God.

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7. Discuss: How the Mediterranean are and the Middle East affected Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Religion has continued to shape many societies especially the Mediterranean and the Middle East. This society has been dominated by Islam where most are staunch followers and believers of the Islamic faith. Judaism is also widely practiced in the area but Christianity has been partly practiced in this region. However many historic and religious sites are found in this region. The two regions house towns like Bethlehem and Nazareth and other monumental sites that are key to the three faiths. The effects of the religions in the regions have been conflicts where people of different faith continue to hold others with contempt and some have fought (Eastman, 1999). An example is the Egypt and Palestine causing the Middle East conflict. Persons have not coexisted peacefully where religion is used as a weapon to spread hatred. Some religions like Christianity are also not allowed in the Middle East where Muslims dominate. It is no doubt that the three religions have their roots in the Middle East.

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8. Relate spiritually and time in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Each religion has changed overtime with many compromises to suit current lifestyle and civilization trends. Spirituality however has not changed much and the issues like the leadership in the religious reigns remain as interpreted in the scriptures (Geering, 2003). Islam has remained to be the most static religion and have followed strictly the rules of Allah which include the five times a day worship and annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Christianity on the other hand has continued to practice the spiritual course though it has been much compromised with numerous protestant churches coming up this has however not meant the changing the mode of worship. Judaism has remained static in spirituality.

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9. What influences has Judaism, Christianity, and Islam had on their respective culture.

Many structures of government, traditions and laws of the society have mainly been based on religion this makes it very difficult to evade their influence on culture. Many philosophies have been founded on religion with even the different social practices originating from the scriptures (Geering, 2003). Many traditions practices and cultures such as pilgrimage, offerings, and social practices such as marriage and family have been done as in the scriptures. The Muslims are known for their strict rules that are based on the Holy book and even adopt punishments such as stoning to death as the ancient believers. Society has adopted the good morals and rites of passage such as circumcision which continue to be practiced to follow the laws and commands given by the Supreme Being.

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10. How do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam deal with the difference between the secular and the scared?

Religion has established strict grounds that separate what is right and wrong. In fact they have branded the good as the light while the bad as the darkness. Any wrong doing in religion is treated with a lot of contempt since it is declared as unholy and unclean. All the three religions have got their dos and don'ts which include what they eat, practice, read, see, and drink. Anyone who goes against these moral and religious values is branded a sinner and condemned (Geering, 2003). The magnitude of sin can be punished differently in the Islamic and Judaic faith where the traditional stoning to death is still practiced if one commits adultery. Persons are highly condemned when the commit sin where they may face the wrath of other believers. For the Christians they leave all to God who is left to judge and punish the sinner. They believe that if the sinner repents then he is forgiven and turns to be good without fear of condemnation.

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