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A Christmas Carol


Christmas carols are can be traced back to the ancient times of Jesus Christ. They are songs and hymns sung before Christmas and on its eve. Carols depict several themes describing the birth of Jesus and many other events that surrounded His birth. Prior to His, birth there were other events that occurred and which all had a relation to the birth of Jesus. In this essay, we are going to look at the carol of The Star of Bethlehem.    

The beautiful star of Bethlehem

In this essay, we are going to look at the topic of deliverance. We shall deliberate on what the star meant to the wise men other than just its strange appearance to them. According to this carol, it meant more than merely directing them to where Jesus was born.

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It is also known in the Christian history as the Christmas Star. It is believed that it emerged to three wise men that were herding after ship. It then directed them to Jerusalem where Jesus was born. Many Christian followers regard the star as a sign of miracle to signify the birth of a messiah. Some believe that it was the fulfillment of a prophecy though modern astrologers have disapproved this belief.

In Weller (1992), the star is considered as a symbol of hope and delivery. It gives hope for the broken. It assures those who were long gone that eventually there is going to be light in the human race and that they are bound to be delivered. The star shine sit beams through shadows and darkness and brightens the face of the wise men. By guiding the wise men to Jerusalem and precisely where Jesus Christ was born, it signifies the birth of a guider and leader of the new era. It demonstrates the coming of dawn and a new beginning and shows the wise men that a new and beautiful day has come through the birth of the Messiah. Through the appearance of this star, the wise men were aware that Jesus was born long even before they arrived at Jerusalem.

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The appearance of the star in itself did not just bring hope to the broken but also shocked the brutal. On hearing from the wise men that the new king was born, Herod was stunned, he wanted the wise men to come back and report back to him on where Jesus had been born. He knew that the prophecy was fulfilled and that his kingdom would be a subordinate to that of the Messiah. The star is redemption from challenges and down falls of life of the believers. It symbolizes time to rest from the worldly things and a venture into perfect day and land. Jesus is a star on His own. His believers look up to Him for deliverance from sin and darkness. He is the new light of the world and all those who believe in him.

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The beauty of the star is a sign of the beauty of the new life to begin and the believers. It shows us that as the glory of the star, the life after Christ's Birth was to be beautiful and glorious. In this carol, we come to understand that it is not about the rare appearance of the star that stunned the wise men but rather its significance. They knew what it meant once it occurred and what was expected of them. Thus, the birth of Jesus comes with expectations for them who believe in His coming and redemption.

In conclusion, it we could say that the emergence is a sign of the beginning of a new period and anticipation for the past, present and the future.

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