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Religion of Empire and Religion of Creation


During the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther king Jr, several rallies were held in WashingtonDC. The two major ones are, one held in the national mall by the American conservatives Glen beck and Sarah Palin, with the main aim of bringing back the original American values while paying tribute to martin Luther’s message. Though the event according to Glen is nonpolitical, the audience belief that they have the ability to win in the elections as many Americans are angry with the current situation in America.

A counter rally was held in high school by Rev Al Sharpton who later marched to the monument in honor of the king.

Religion of empire and religion of creation

Both Rev Al Sharpton and Glen claims that they have faith in God as their Lord and that they are always working to please him. On the day of Martin Luther’s memorial, the two have rival crowds and the messages that they are passing are different. It appears that Glen sticks to the Religion of creation while Rev Al Sharpton sticks to the religion of the empire.

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They both acknowledge God as the source of the divine power and Beck claims that they are going back to God who is the source of the divine power. In this, he claims that white people should have power to rule themselves while Sharpton believes that God gives all people power even to rule. Al Sharpton followers are criticized for they are asked to go to church to restore peace. Both also have a belief in church which is a home place for god. The two people belief in various political ideas.  Glen is a conservative and has conservative ideologies while Al Sharpton is a democrat who belief in giving individuals equal opportunities.

Religion of creation

Glen during his speech shows his adherence to the religion of creation. He asked his followers to beware of their position with regards to the creator. To him God is the king and he has the ability to direct and guide human beings in their daily living. He also believes that God should be praised for the gift of life. He asks his followers to kneel and pray to God and direct your children on how to praise God. He also believed in one God that the people should turn to. Glen also believed that God is everywhere and is a king in all places either small or big.  During his rally he did not choose a leader as God would take the position of leadership. Love for all is also emphasized in this religion. Glen asked the crowds to show hatred to the followers of Al Sharpton at the end of the occasion.

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Glen emphasizes the religion of creation and for all his speeches he emphasizes several features of the religion. This include, having one God who is the creator of heaven and earth, emphasizing love for all despite the color of the skin. His thoughts came due to his need to get into leadership where democrats are currently possessing. They emphasize that all people were created by God.

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