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Theodicy coined from Greek words looks at the issue of God and justice. It looks at the issues of a good God in a considerably evil world so filled with injustice. Theodicy questions the issue of where God is when good people suffer and why he permits evil in the world. Cultural archaeology digs deep into our past and tries to understand issues that affect us from a historical perspective. However, all issue point out to the fact that the positive attributes and proofs of God's existence solves the opposing difficulties that come forth. The topic is brought out in its real sense in some movies.

The movie "It's a wonderful world" answers many challenging questions on the issue of theodicy. This is by looking at the challenges that the main actor George faces in the movie. George has had a dream of seeing the world selfless and he sacrifices his dreams for the well being of others. He is seen to help up the bank by sacrificing their honeymoon money. He even starts a housing project that solves the issue of rent for the people. After some money is lost George is however accused of bank fraud and sent home. He gets angry at the family and even decides to take his life because of $15000 life insurance policy. However, Clarence rescues him by pretending that he is drowning making George to save him.

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Clarence tells George of the many things he had done for the community and how without him they could not have happened. It so happens then that George feels angry at God having let him leave again. However, we note that God wanted him to see good things in his life maybe as payment for his good deeds. This so happens when Sam sends him $25000 to salvage his bank, the police who had come to arrest him tear away the warrant. Furthermore, his brother Harry comes home for a toast on the rescue of his building and loan. Clarence even sends him a note telling him that o man with friends can become a failure.

We note from this movie that God has a way of helping his people. George's good life is rewarded as God comes to him at his moment of need. We can thus also find meaning in this world if we lived right and interacted well with people around us. We should mot blame God for he cares for us and would never let us fall into temptations from which we can never retrieve ourselves. Thus there is always hope in life for there is a supreme being watching over us.

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