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1. Mysticism in Judaism, Christianity, and Sufi Islam.

Religion is known as the behavior that the human soul takes when in the presence of God. God is an element of the environment and man is known to have remarkably different views about religion. It is from this that mysticism arises. Mysticism in Judaism is also referred to as Kabbalah. The concept lies in the concept of G_d. The true core of G_d is also referred to as Ein Sof, which literally, means without an end. It means that Ein Sof does have boundaries constrained by space or time. The Ein Sof is said lack a contact that is direct with the universe. Ein Sof is said to do the interaction through the Ten Sefirot which are they giving out from his real meaning. The Sefirot is known to have a correspondence to the qualities of G_d. The masculine and feminine aspects of G_d are included in the Ten Sefirot. Kaballah is also said to recognize the feminine qualities that G_d possesses.

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Christian mysticism lies in the Christian spirituality. Christ plays a majorly crucial role in Christianity mysticism. Thus, the mysticism is to be like Christ, to become involved with God just like Christ was, being human like Christ was and this means becoming divine.

Sufi Islam lies in the manner in which God is presented in the holy book known as Quran. He is presented as the God almighty who created the land and the universe, the judge and the lord. On the other account, he is said to abide in the heart of many believers and, he is said to be extremely close to man.

2. Scripture and specific impacts on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The impact of these three religions is traced to their developments. Islam and Christianity are known to have come from Judaism. They have some similar traditions and beliefs which are related to God. The holy scriptures are elements in Christianity which teach people on how they are supposed to be in the society. Islam has considerable influence especially by the Tanakh which are scriptures found in Hebrews in Judaism and talks about the descendants of Abraham. The Qur'an has the Islamic scriptures, and they are said to be extreme because they are known to sparkle violence and terrorism in the world. However, Christianity impacts the society by shaping up the values and roles that people play in society.

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3. Early oral tradition in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Christianity believes in one God, and it is believed to have been founded by Jesus Christ. It has three divisions, which are main, and they include Orthodox, Roman Catholic and the Protestants. The fathers belonging to the early church had writings and councils which were ecumenical. Their writings also involved the creeds which guides Christians in their daily endeavors.

Islam is also said to believe in one God. It is said to have Mohammed as its founder. It has two groups, which are Shia, and Sunni. These divisions are said to have occurred following a dispute regarding the true successor to Prophet Mohammed. Among its traditions, it has the Hadith, Which is a collection of the sayings as well as the traditions belonging to Prophet Mohammed. The Hadith plays a significant role because it acts as a supplement to the Quran, thus; it guides Muslims in their daily endeavors.

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Judaism is said to have been founded by Abraham. It has several divisions which, are Haisdic, Judaism the reform and conservative. It is further divided into ethnic groups, which include Ashkenazi, who are the majority and Sephardic Jews. There is the Talmud which explains and gives interpretations to the Tanakh. Talmud also has within it the code belonging to the Jewish law. The oral traditions for the three religions have not changed and hence the old ones still hold.

4. Islam and Christianity on the Doctrine of God

According to Christianity, God is said to be the trinity of three persons who are the Son, Father and The Holy Spirit. Trinitarianism is principally a monotheist, which means that God is one, and there is no other like him.

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In Islam, the only God is known as Allah. Allah is just one person. According to Islam God is one. They also view him to be the creator to the universe, and that he reigns over all.

5. Islam and Christianity on Jesus Christ.

In Islam, Information about Jesus Christ is found in Quran. The Quran is said to have been revealed to Prophet Mohammed by God. This revelation was made and memorized in his lifetime. Prophet Mohammed represents Jesus Christ. Muslims do not agree that Jesus was the son of God. Muslims do not believe that Jesus died on the cross rose and resurrected however, they believe he was through a miracle.

In Christianity Jesus is the son of God and also believe in the trinity. Christians also believe that he died on the cross and that he resurrected on the third day.

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6. God is unknowable in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The three religions view God as the one who created the universe and thus rules over it. In Judaism God is unknowable and it is hard to describe the manner in which he controls the universe. In Christianity, the trinity is used to convey the unknowable concept because he is described as one God who exists in three persons.

In Islam, Allah is said to know what every person thinks and feels at any one time, thus God is described to be omnipresent and omniscient. In Judaism God is divine and he operates in ways that people should understand even though they are complex.

7. The Mediterranean area and the Middle East on how it affected Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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Judaism is the oldest of the three religions in the Middle East area. Israel is Jewish and most of the descendants are from Asian and European countries. Islam has its fundamentals based on Judaism and it is said to have its origin from the Middle East thus acquiring a large fellowship from the area and this enormously affected the Muslim culture. Mediterranean area caused Christians at one time to worship gods and that is why in Egypt there was worship of gods at one time worship of gods is there but not rampant.

8. Spirituality and time in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Judaism does not believe in the afterlife and thus they only believe in the present life and hence they focus on doing good in the present world and that is what matters the most. They are concerned about the commandments of the G_d and also in the study of the Torah. Thus they aim at doing repairs to the world. They believe that in case one dies they and that they are righteous they are joined with the G_d. For Islam the believers believe in the afterlife because they are promised virgins, wine, wealth and fruits among other pleasures.

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Christianity has a belief on life after death. They believe that after death one will be judged and for those who will have accepted jess Christ as the savior will go to heaven where they will be singing and dancing with angels and that the worldly problems will be gone.

9. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam had on their respective culture

Judaism, Christianity and Islam have a significant effect on culture. Judaism believes in takes many aspects of the culture and ready to integrate as long they have their gains. Christianity is particularly strict and hence it is a way of life for all Christians and women are allowed to make significant contributions in the religion. Islam has an exceptionally strict culture and remarkably few deviate from this way of life. In slam women do not have a say in matters pertaining the society and hence not allowed to make vital decisions. In Judaism women are allowed to contribute to society affairs.

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10. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on the difference between the secular and the sacred

The three religions have been known to lead to a clash in civilization.

Islam is known for this especially after the terrorism attacks in the September nine and eleven. Prophet Hood is put in application because it is the center of these religions. The misunderstanding in these religions has made people fail to benefit from it. In Judaism modern Jews in the western society are known to educationally and culturally be secularly involved in the pleasures that the world brings forth. Judaism has a look that is secular because they tend to integrate Judaism with science.

Christianity is known to have power because it has large followers. It has a prime view of the world and thus denounces any scientific inventions relating to occurrences in the world. Christianity tries to change the secular setting that many societies have assumed and hence it is viewed to be sacred. It is also used to set the values and some societal laws. It streamlines its followers to be sacred. However Christianity has a lot of ignorance. Secular aspects are disregarded highly.











Islam is viewed as a blend of knowledge and that is the duty that man has .The knowledge is used to reveal the creation that God made. Marrying many wives are condoned in Islam while in Christianity it is not condoned. Christianity views this as secular while Islam views it as scared.

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