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Religious Issues in Christianity, Islam and Judaism

Comparison of forms of mysticism in Judaism, Christianity, and Sufi Islam

Christianity, Judaism and Sufi Islam form the Abraham religions which are characterized with mystic experiences and religious practices involving dramatic visions, divine communication with God though prayers and practices that are associated with such religions. Christian's belief in the mystery of the bible, apostle creed and Jesus Christ the son of God, Judaism belief in Jewish bible, Moses and the burning bush while Islam belief in the sacred texts of the Quran and the Allah's call of prophet Mohammed.

Scripture and specific impacts on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

All the three have a holy book that contains guidelines, teachings and instructions to be followed by its followers. Christians belief in the bible which has Hebrew teachings and the new testament which teaches of the first coming of Jesus Christ an his anticipated second coming while Muslims belief in the Holy Quran which carries the prophet's message (Johnston, 1997). Judaism involves the belief in the Hebrew bible which teaches on the three aspects of Torah (the law), Ketuvim (writings) and the Neviliim (the prophets).

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Early and current oral tradition in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

The three religions have oral traditions that have been passed down the generations and narrate of ancestor Abraham who God promised many descendants, vast land and a lot of blessings. This oral traditions has been passed down to current believers who through scriptures and forms the current faith of these religions.

Compare Islam and Christianity on the doctrine of God

Islam believes in Allah the only one God while the Christians believe in God who is a trinity. These religions have differed on the issues of having a three in one God; the father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Ghost.

Compare Islam and Christianity on who is Jesus Christ

To Christians Jesus Christ is the only son of God who was sent to save them from their sins through his death on the cross and he is the messiah who died and rose again to give Christians them eternal life. Muslims belief Jesus (Mohammed) as a prophet of Allah and who was given messages to convey to the people just like other prophets.

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God is unknowable in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

To all the Abrahamic religions God is supreme and omnipresent, he is strong and controls the whole world and all that are in it, he must be reveled and worshiped so that persons can get life after death (McColman, 2010). He communicates through the prophets and it is believed that no one is to see nor touches him and thus the continued belief in the oral traditions of God.

Effect of Mediterranean and the Middle East on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

The Mediterranean society has been dominated by Islam where there are staunch believers and followers of Islam faith, Judaism is also widely practiced but Christianity is partly practiced and not allowed in the Middle East (Johnston, 1997). Religions in the regions have resulted in conflicts where people of different faiths have continued to hold others with contempt and have even engaged in war for example the Egypt and Palestine caused the Middle East conflict. Persons have failed to co-exist peacefully as religion is used as a weapon to spread hatred against the unbelievers.

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Relate spiritually and time in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Overtime each religion has slightly changed with many compromises made to suit current lifestyle and civilization trends but less has not changed much spirituality especially the issues to do with leadership. Judaism and Islam have remained static in its spirituality but Christianity has been compromised through the formation of numerous protestant churches but the mode of worship is still same.

Influences that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam has had on their respective culture

Many structures of government, traditions and laws of the society have mainly been based on religion and many traditional practices and cultures such as pilgrimage, offerings, and social practices (marriage and family) have been done as in stipulated the scriptures (McColman, 2010). Society has adopted the good morals and rites of passage such as circumcision which continue to be practiced to follow the laws and commands given by the Supreme Being.

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How Judaism, Christianity, and Islam deal with the difference between the secular and the scared

All the three religion has strict regulations against wrong and right and perpetrators are treated with contempt and declared unholy. in Judaism and Islam wrong doers face the wrath of other believers and sometimes adulterers face the traditional stoning to death while Christians leave sinner to God believed to judge and  punish them who when he repents he is forgiven and avoids condemnation.

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