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Political Article Response

Political responses are the actions taken by political leaders in trying to improve the economic standard in order to win peoples votes. During campaigns, political leaders use the unaccomplished projects to convince people to vote for them. Some of the promises are fulfilled while others are assumed and left untouched. In the United States leaders have different styles in responding to the economic condition of the country. In order to please the citizens as well as making progress in their political growth one must use a unique strategy that will be admired by the citizens.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is among the responses that the American political leaders have been trying to solve since the 1980s but they have all been unsuccessful in fighting the killer disease. AIDS is a disease that was discovered in the 1980s in the united state when homosexuals and immigrants from Haiti started contracting and complaining about this disease. After the disease had spread allover and became popular, political leader did not show much interest solving the problem but instead they ignored it. The gay people and the rest of the people who saw the effects of AIDS began taking responsibility by practicing safe sex.

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The activists in America started initiating ways and strategies to be used to fight the deadly viral disease. The activist wanted to be supported by the federal government but the Reagan administration prevented them from gaining their support. However, there were political leaders who volunteered in the fight against. This was impossible because the politicians advised the public to practice marriage sex and not adultery while the Americans encouraged people to practice safe sex by use of condoms. This was contradicting the people and the two parties seemed not to be on the same side and the organization was dissolved.

In the early 1990s, they formed a foundation called ford foundation which was based in advocating for the women rights in the society. The foundation raised funds and was distributed to different regions such as Africa, Thailand, Brazil and some parts in United States. The countries that were lucky to receive the funds were able to show some improvement and the number of the infected people reduced. Women were the ones seen to have been affected very much and after standing for their right as human beings the number of the infected reduced. This was because in the 1980s women were considered to be under the men’s authority and were even used as sex objects. The foundation ended this by fighting poverty in families and also providing free medication for people who were infected and especially the women.

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In this process of fighting HIV/AIDS, the government intervened and started providing medical assistance and funds to an organization that was based on fighting AIDS. The government started researches that were purposely meant on finding the cure for AIDS. Although the scientists have not yet discovered the cure for AIDS, they have made a huge progress since the 1990s. They have invented drugs that are meant to reduce the strength by preventing the viruses from multiplying in high rates.

Due to its dangerous effects, AIDS has created awareness and many countries have united to fight it. In one of the world’s AIDS day the former president of the united state George w. bush and the first lady Laura bush, held a meeting in the white house with several representatives of different countries. In his speech, bush said that AIDS has become a threat to everyone’s life and there is need for emergency actions to prevent it from destroying the next generation. In the event bush and his wife were campaigning for the need to deal with AIDS seriously and also their strategies for fighting the killer disease.

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The other political response used by politicians in convincing the public to vote for them is the need for better health and medical services. Medical services have been very unsatisfying for a long time now. Nowadays there have been great improvements although everything is not yet perfect. Currently there have been emergency medical services provided by an American organization called American medical response (AMR). This organization is now cited almost everywhere in United States in order to provide the citizens of America with the best medical services. The AMR has a couple of services that has come to satisfy the American people through the services they get.

One of them is a better transportation for the medical facilities in our hospital and the invention of emergency vehicle for emergency health situations in the hospitals. Due to the high population in the United States, medical facilities have been few and it has been so hard when serving such a huge population. In the past there were long queues in waiting rooms and sometimes people even died waiting. This has led to several cases where by the hospital managers are sued for providing poor medical services. This has never been their fault; the economic standard has been low and hence causing these problems. The other thing that has improved the hospitals’ transportation sector is the invention of ambulances. This are the vehicles used when the hospital is alerted of a critical health condition at any place. The ambulances are even allowed to by the government of the United States to be excused in roads as far as it is trying to save a life. The ambulances in hospitals operate 24 hour in order to provide any medical assistance during the day or night.

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Hospitals have also improved the quality and quantity of the drugs provided in the hospitals. Through the help of the government of the United States, scientists have been able to invent the best drugs which have fewer side effects. Deaths have reduced since the medicine provided in the hospital are improved and has a faster effect to the patients. In the past there were several cases where the hospitals were running out of rugs and patients were forced to wait for reinforcement from other hospitals. This made people lack faith in our hospitals. In other institutions like rehabilitation centers, there have been improvements in the environment that patients live in. The centers have the modern knowledge and skills for quick recovery of their patient in order to have enough space to allocate others.

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The 44th president of the United States of America Barrack Obama has been involved in advocating for better medical standards since he was the senator. President Obama has also showed his effort in improving mental health in Iraq. Recently he had joined an event which was all over the United States for supporting and raising funds for medical services. President Obama spent more than an hour in the event at Walter red army medical center talking to people on the need to improve medical services and protecting our health. The president is not that old and that’s why he understands issues that affect the people nowadays and especially the youths.

Due to political responding of politicians in the United States, there have been many projects that improved the economic standard of the nation.

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