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Holden Caulfield's Voice in Catcher in the Rye

The literature shows Holder’s life after being kicked out of Pencey Preparatory School, on the road to the Christmas holidays. Not yet ready to face his parents he leaves for New York to visit his History teacher. Because of few unpleasant experiences in the dormitory with his former schoolmates, he decides to stay alone in the city drinking heavily and meeting various people and spending time with them. As a result, he meets various characters that mentor him into different lifestyles.

Holden Caulfield, one of the most renowned characters in the literature has an indisputable tone. He is tough, sarcastic and inquisitive of everything that he observes in daily life. The literature depicts him as a funny, complex and wry protagonist relating to the world’s few of his type. The author of this literature shows the conflict in Holden’s point of view on the adult life and young life. He shows Holden’s acceptance of adult life as a sexual encounter and on the other side as a reject terming it as “phony” to run away from his childhood memories.

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He Catcher in the Rye is being told in first person through Holden’s point of view. The author tries to give us some sarcastic quotes such as “People never believe you” and "If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late?” among others to show the depth of this knowledge.

Holden’s tone relates to many of the current youths views. Many criticize the world that they live in due to the situations that they undergo through. Many of us are too much inquisitive of the adult life nature and that’s exactly what Holden wanted to know.

I observe that many people have talents but due to the nature of their beliefs they fear to go public on it. I have met a colleague who just like Holden, became frustrated after failing an end of year exam at high school. Facing his parents Due to this, he thought that the whole world was against him and seceded to live to his own will, not consulting anyone. He therefore looks for a house to rent and start living lavishly with the leftovers of the pocket money he was left with. At first, lifestyle was fun since he had just enough to sustain him. In order that he may forget everything, he drunk a lot to avoid thinking a lot and hence depression experiences that could arise.

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He afterwards realized how much his parents struggled to raise his school fee at the point he runs out of finances and is sent out of the lavish rental house. He therefore got in his senses and started working for a building and construction firm which at first was never a joke. With the new life experiences, he learns that he can also live an adult life and sustain himself and a family therefore ending up marrying at a tender age

He continued working at the construction site comfortably given he had enough just like he though to raise his family until at one time a disease strikes at his home making everyone ill and his pockets ran dry. This is the point he realized that he needed more certificates and therefore decided to return to school though this time paying his own fee as well as keeping his family that had grow into four. Finding this difficult, he decided to send his wife and children back to her home so that she also gets educated alongside her children.

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The literature related a lot with the current issues and one can easily find a solution by looking into the root of the problem and how to avoid it. Holden’s character in particular gives a lot about life.

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