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Annotated Bibliography

Article Base. (2005-2011). Discrimination by association.

According to this article, discrimination by association is a form of discrimination that happens when the discriminatory field applies to a person though another person is detrimentally treated in consequence.

Discrimination at work. (2010, December 8).

The article focuses on people's rights and what they are supposed to do when faced with the issues of discrimination in the work place. The article explains clearly that it is against the law for an employee to be discriminated because of their race, religious background, and country of origin, nationality, ethnicity, gender or disability. According to the article, all employees are supposed to be given equal jobs contract, training schemes and other pertinent opportunities despite their race. In addition, we learn more from the article that most job, training schemes, and apprenticeships need to be open equally to all sexes and to all individuals of all religion and ethnicity. The laws work well for both the full and part -time employees, although there are a few jobs that are excluded and this includes acting, modeling and other jobs that require close contact with the opposite sex.

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Goldstein, S. (2010). Age discrimination. Canada: Cochran Firm.

According to this article, it is difficult to acquire a job especially when one has just completed college and has the energy and enthusiasm that comes with youth. Those who are in their thirties, or forties and looking for a job, they are competing against those with much less experience than them but have the appeal of being young trainable and fresh. Although employers are prohibited from discriminating based on age, this practice occur daily and incase one is over forty years of age and job hunting, it also becomes hard to be employed because of old age. The author of the article explains that a person may lose his job to another person because he or she is younger and readily accepts low salary, than what he or she is supposed to be paid. Therefore, she advises that it is essential to get more information from experienced employment lawyer concerning the issue of age discrimination. This will enable them to know whether they have valid legal, claim. The article was employed in this project because it has relevant information that is paramount and valid for the research. For instance, through the article, we learn that most government state have laws that prohibit organizations and private companies from discriminating due to age. Individuals are provided with protection against age discrimination by their employers. It is difficult to prove age discrimination because of lack of clear evidence to show that one was discriminated unfairly basing on age.

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Helen, W. (2001). Diversity in the work place.pdf. New York: Public service commissioner.

This article is part of a new series known as working together which is issued by the public service and merit protection commission. The article was established in order to assist various agencies to perform within the legal framework, and values and conduct that provide guidance on managing values and conduct in the workplace. According to this article, diversity in the workplace deals with things such as gender, age, language, ethnicity, religious beliefs and family roles. The author of the article explains further that workplace diversity is an issue that focuses on the people their differences and similarities that they bring in the work place. It is broadly illustrated to include dimensions beyond those that are legally defined in equal opportunity and affirmative action. Diversity in the workplace according to the article, is all about acquiring of skills and knowledge from others who are not the same, it is about dignity and respect for all, involves creating workplace environments and practices that motivate learning from others and also benefit from diverse perspectives. The article is relevant to the project because it demonstrates the issues of diversity in the workplace which are tremendously useful for every worker. For instance, through this resource, we get to learn that diversity in the work place involves noticing the values of each person differences and knowing how to manage them in the workplace. The article was used in the project because it has relevant and detailed information concerning the topic of study.

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U.S.Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

This is an article that deals with issues concerning equal employment opportunity to everyone who merits. According to the article, the Unite State equal employment opportunity commission refers to the federal agency in charge of enforcing laws that are against job discrimination. This commission was created to enforce provisions of the VII of the civil rights Acts of 1964. The article was used in the project because of its relevant and valid information concerning equal employment opportunity and people's protection against discrimination at the work place. Through the article, we learn more that the commission has the rules of operation an investigation, settlement between disputing parties and motivates individuals at all stages of the entire process. United States equal employment opportunity commission has a mediation-based alternative dispute resolution program.

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Many people encounter difficulties in writing annotated bibliography. This is because when dealing with this writing, one is required to give a list of sources cited followed by short descriptions of what the source is all about. Annotated bibliography requires a lot of time and thus tiresome. It needs more attention especially concerning the details of the sources cited during research time.

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