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Book Critique The Facebook Effect

Facebook is a social networking site that came into the limelight in early 2000, and has risen to become one of the most popular social websites available on the World Wide Web. This website was introduced to the world by its creator, a young man by the name of Mark Zuckerberg, who created the site from his dorm room, with the help of his colleagues in Harvard University, during his stay there (Arrington 14). Originally, Facebook was only available to the members of Harvard University before it was introduced to the rest of the world. Facebook connects individuals from different parts of the world over a platform that allows them to communicate freely through the computer, and has fast become a major trend among teenagers and young adults. Other members of the society are also known to use this website. Indeed, businesses have turned part of their advertising resources to this social site in a bid to reach its users, who have been estimated to reach a population that would form the third most populous country in the world (Arrington 17). Though Facebook has mostly been a welcome addition to the lives of those who use it, it has not been seen as perfect in terms of social relations, and its effects have been considered to be both negative and positive.

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The book The Facebook Effect aims to reveal the social implications that have been brought on with the advent of Facebook and whether these effects have been positive or negative. The book aims to shed a light on Facebook from the perspective of the society and aims to determine whether the website has brought about an overall positive change in the lives and environments that it has infiltrated and whether there is room for improvement that its creator can work on to bring about an even better product (Arrington 32).

The book The Facebook Effect was written by David Kirkpatrick and aims to, not only describe the social effects that Facebook has had on its users, but also gives a brief history of the social network, as well. The book argues that Facebook is more than just another social website because of the expanse of its influence on individuals who use it (Arrington 28). Therefore, its introduction has had a stronger effect on the world than any other social network. The book implies that the social effects that are brought about by Facebook has an international reach and, therefore, affects not only the United States where the website originates from, but the rest of the world as well (Arrington 22). The author makes known his aim, at the start of the book, as being to describe the history and social effects that Facebook has had on its international users, and the information that is brought about afterwards in this publication goes on to do just that. The history that is provided is fairly accurate, and research on the matter proves that the information that is provided on the emergence of the social network coincides with those that have been provided from other sources (Harkin 17).

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The information provided on the background of Facebook allows the reader to understand the origins of Facebook and how it came to be from an idea thought of by two students in Harvard to the profitable business it has grown to be today. The social effects that are mentioned have been accompanied with strong arguments in support of them indicating that thorough and well though out research was involved in the compilation of these conclusions. The book looks at the various social issues that mostly affect the youth in their day to day lives of which Facebook has become a strong part of. The youth are the main target group that has been concentrated on as they consist of the majority of users of Facebook (Harkin 26).

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There are a number of issues that the book discusses in terms of the social effects that Facebook has on its users. The issues deal with the international effects that are experienced from Facebook and do not deal with single regions on their own. The social effects have been well thought out and are more than just statements that have been made by the author, since they are accompanied with feasible points that validate their authenticity. Some issues that are discussed include positive ones such as increased interaction among members (Peterson). It insists that Facebook has enabled the increase of social interaction among different individuals, located in different parts of the world. It goes on to add the economic benefit that this social interaction has brought. It insists that Facebook has made it cheaper for individuals to communicate with one another, as long as they have an internet connection (Peterson). Indeed, in the past, people had to previously rely on more costly methods to talk to an individual such as the telephone whose connection were not always clear or reliable at times.

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The book also mansions some negative aspects of Facebook, especially in terms of the social effects that the website has such as the invasion of privacy. This is brought about by the lax security that is involved in the distribution of an individual’s information that means hackers can easily access one’s private information that is held by the social website and use it to their advantage. This has brought about issues such as fraud which have become a thorn in the side of the website as they try to improve such areas (Harkin 26).

The book relates to the debate that is currently trending in the field, where the implications of Facebook have been scrutinized by society to determine its overall effect on its users. Privacy of users, in particular, has been a much discussed topic among internet users, as this kind of invasion can prove to be one of the worst kinds (Jone). Through looking at social implications that are brought about by Facebook, this book enters the fray of these discussions and looks at its advantages and limitations alike.

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The books uses understandable terms to describe the social issues and implications that are brought about and go further to explain the meaning of the above mentioned terms giving the publication a well organized format that one can easily follow and comprehend. The information provided is accurate and is accompanied by footnotes and a bibliography should the reader wish to confirm or further delve into a particular subject that has been broached by the book. This is essential for those who may be using the book for research in their academic studies though the publication is also suitable for those who would just like to know more about the website (Jone).

The book especially comes in handy for those who may be involved in sociology studies. Compared to other books that have discussed this topic before, The Facebook Effect freshly reviews issues related to the social networking, and offer an unbiased opinion on the implications that have been brought about by Facebook. The language used is also not overly complicated, ensuring that one is able to read it with ease and understanding (Arrington 32).

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