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Cheney's Law


The core of this movie is a review of how the vice-president disregarded the constitution. For about thirty years, Dick Cheney who was the vice president performed a secretive campaign which would make the president face a wartime regime. After this act the department of judiciary in collaboration with the white house made a good number of contentious legal decisions. The department of justice made an interpretation of power in a strange manner where they gave the president more executive powers such as power to detain, interrogate and torture.


In this movie, the vice president is convinced that members of the congress have limited powers which will constrain the president and the executive. On the other hand the attorney general believes that the president is the only figure who should have the final word when dealing with matters of the executive. In September 11, Cheney and his people formed an ally with John Yoo who held an office in the department of the legal council. Goldsmith is so furious and emotional because he does not believe that programs of great importance could be supported by legal views which were blemished. There were confrontations between Goldsmith and Cheney which came to an end during a visit to attorney John Ashcroft. During this visit Counsel Alberto Gonzales and Chief of Staff Andy Card beseeched Ashcroft to stop the department that was investigating the illegality of the domestic surveillance (). Goldsmith’s victory did not go for long before Counsel Gonzales was named attorney and was given the duty of controlling the white house. It is not until Goldsmith started to question his equals than they crossed with Cheney’s office.

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After this, the united state was attacked by the terrorists and this was the main reason as to why Cheney and his group wanted the president to have more powers. The problem in the mind of enemies was revenge from US because they have been attacked. Cheney talked of the dark side when he was in an interview and many could not understand what he was meaning.

After the attack, there was worry about the American Government. Many though that the government will be decapitated. Bush and Cheney were unwilling to constrain the congress this is why they decided to avoid what the congress was willing. They are certain of how they were conducting the affairs of the state yet they were unwilling to disagree with their opponents. The approach that was taken by Bush with his friend Cheney made the government more efficient in dealing with the attack. According to the United States constitution, there are plenty of powers which are vested upon the president and he could have used them to respond against the September 11 attacks. According to these powers the president can use powers to hit back because of the attacks or protect the citizens of the country against future attacks. This attack made Yoo to write a memo to the president reminding him of what he is supposed to do incase of such attacks. From these points, Bush had to take critical measures in dealing with terrorist so that they will not attack his country in future. Through the constitutional powers Bush used them to control the military after September 11 attack.

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It is quite clear that after the stand off, the constitution respects the tension in the country. Tensions may occur within the branches of the government due to sharing of powers. It is the work of the government to know how it has separated the powers of which it’s hard to balance them all. This is why Cheney and his colleagues were not contented with the powers of the congress because they were constrained in a way as compared to executive powers. 

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