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Cop/Detective Shows and Social Classes

In many of the cop/detective shows we watch, different lessons are acquired in terms of the business environment and the natural environment. Cop/detective shows and films involve the acts and procedures used by different police and intelligence units in detecting and arresting criminals. (McKay, 2007)

The common detective shows nowadays are like C.S.I, and F.B.I. these shows are aired on the television on order to educate and update the people on the new and recent criminal act ivies aground them and the ways that are applied to curb and control them. In a case where investigations are carried out, the systematic procedures to follow are clearly brought out.

The people who carry out the processes are detectives and they are professionally trained. This is because the job involves high risk of life. In the fight against terrorism, the methods applied are very professional as in the case of our film of study 'Miami Vice' where the police inspectors use and apply professionalism more than authority to arrest thugs. (Thomas, 2010)

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In the detective show, Miami vice, several themes indicated are in a way they flow. It revolves around two private detectives, Crockett and Tubbs, who work for a private detective agency. The two however are assigned with assignments by the agency and they are expected to deliver. The main tasks dealt in this show are the issues of drug trafficking and prostitution. (McKay, 2007)

In the show, the various ways in which the detectives present themselves portrays the different social classes that exist in the society. To start with, the show portrays 'blue-collar' in several ways. By blue-collar, it means that the detectives are seen as casual workers in their work. Such instances include the cases where they are forwarded assignments to do which they should meet a deadline. (McKay, 2007)

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Another case where the blue-collar concept is evident is the two detectives have to undertake their tasks in the field rather. This however undermines their capability and hence are viewed as underdogs in their work environment. This phenomenon of working outside the offices also show that they are treated as blue-collar employees. (Thomas, 2010)

On the other hand, white-collar concept of a job situation is also in the film. After collection of the data in the field, the detectives pile up and edit their information in the offices. Important and conclusive decisions are also done in the offices. In the show, the two detectives question their victims and suspects in the offices rather than in the field.

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In the process of fighting drug trafficking and getting rid of prostitution in Miami, the way in which they carry out their task is professional as compared to the normal methods used by other police. (Thomas, 2010) Some of the narrative methods applied in the film include use of the point of view concept, where the detectives p [resent and act as if in the real life situation. This is usually meant to show us what is going on and around us. They bring out the real situation of current fraud cases and their ways of solving them.

Another strategy shown is characterization where they show how the usual and real detectives carry out their jobs. The events of the story also show the normal procedures used in real life situations. Finally, the use of specific words (diction) and the application of cop structure is also a strategy used. (Thomas, 2010)

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