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Film in Historical Context Assignment


Casablanca is an American drama movie which was produced in 1942. It was directed by Michael Curtiz. The movie was set during the Second World War and it mainly centers on a man torn between both love and virtue. The man should chose between his love for a woman and assisting the woman and her Czech Resistance leader husband escape from the Vichy-controlled Moroccan city of Casablanca to go on with his fight against the Nazis (Rosenzweig 26-28).

The film has portrayed several themes but the main ones have been played in main characters especially the theme of honor which was shown by Rick he set his love free despite his strong love for her because of the respect for sanctity of marriage he portrays the theme of lost love and at the same time infidelity by being involved with his ex-lover and plan to flee together and imprison Lisa husband. The act of murdering the Nazi showed the character of patriotism and also the will to be a protector although he reflects the theme of murder (Robertson 15-18).

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There also other diminutive themes in the film which are very important and shown in some characters. When Rick helped the Bulgarian couples get sufficient sum to corrupt the Renault in order to vanish from Casablanca Rick demonstrates his corrupt nature. The theme of justice and also sense of moral living emotionally it affected several characters in the film. Rick gives out letters o transit to Laszlo and his wife Lisa despite the emotion confusion he sets her free again because he was just and decision was made on good morals although he done wrong by setting up Laszlo together with Renault to be imprisoned he makes decision to correct wrong with rights Rick threatens Renault and he helps Laszlo escape. The killing of Nazi was morally wrong but they were served right because they exploited refugees although it was wrong it brought justice (Rosenzweig 12-15).  

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The film has clearly portrayed American society mostly when it comes to political story especially Ricks is portrayed to act the similar manner like President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He is forced to participate in war because of his own decency he shuts his casino and participates fully by giving financial aids Side of Right and then fights for it. The  resemblance is toughed by film heading its comparable to White House...Rick shows a sense of honor Rick the firm character possesses a stylish bar where he allows all sorts of character to gamble, drink and enjoy despite their loyalty stand and vows not interfere with their business  even though he portrays his evilness but his policy of no interference  to avoid being dragged by police but desire to assist contradicts his policy he revealed as good person this illustrates can do something wrong  gets approved  in the eyes of people in society (Gardner 12-15).

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One scene in the film is when Rick's ex-lover Lisa invades him in his abandoned café with death threats incase he refuses to hand over letters but later fails to accomplish her mission because she was in love with him from start and plans to escape together to Germany army since the thought her husband Laszlo was killed but she betrayed Rick with no clarification after she discovered her husband was alive they re-united .Rick accepts to assist because of the love for her but in return  they had to escape with her to America Lisa but betrays Laszlo with Renault by planning to set him up by  betraying him to authority to be in procession of letters of transits despite knowing that they were in love and having set them free but later  Ricks assist couple escape by attacking Renault this illustrates the choice to do right over wrong. Although Rick is illustrated to be neutral in all  matters there secrets that exposed him participated in Italian attack and in addition involved himself in war in Republican side during the era of Spanish Civil War .He conspires with some criminals like Ugarte who hands over the letters of transits acquired after murder of Germans couriers both plans sell them off  to  highest bidder in club due to their selfish ambition  plan to sell letters meant for refugees in Casablanca although they have supposed to have no monetary value (Francisco 20-25).

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The film is up to date popular because its one the film that illustrates reality at all times and no negative criticism of the movie was heard after review and its frequently broadcasted in American television unlike other 1940's film which are no longer shown in the television shows today. Several colleges and Harvard University have developed a tradition of showing Casablanca film when the final exams are in progress these traditions have enhanced popularity of the movie. The Los Angeles declared this Casablanca movie at 50th anniversary as the purity of its Golden Age Hollywood's due to its lasting craftsmanship and newspaper declared that the film was fantastic leisure that equalized comedy, romance and suspense (Behlmer 15-18).

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The film was noted by New York Times newspaper to create some feeling especially that humor, emotions and more so sorrow with firm melodrama and bristling deception they rated it pretty tolerable although the screenplay was termed as good existing quality and it had most existing live shows. Times had contrasting view of the film had deceitful convolutions. The other varieties gave different opinion about the Casablanca film since it had excellent performance and absorbing the story this created moods, action, suspense, comedy and also drama it had great impact in day to day world (Gardner 14-16).

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