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Group Dynamics and Productivity

A movie named as "Ocean's Eleven" was released in 2001, is a mixture of comedy and criminal adventure and also replica of adventure movie Rat Pack in 1960. The main theme of the movie is to rob the casino. A guy name Ocean right after his released from prison and met his partner in crime Ryan in order to form a plan to rob the three big casinos in Los Angeles. Later the plan pitched to Ryan friend Reuben who was ex-casino owner along with the sponsor of robbery. Three of them agreed on the plan and build up the team of eight people comprise of specialized criminals. The plan was put up in action and successfully completed at the end result of Ocean again imprisonment.

As far as orientation and forming the group is concerned, Ocean proposed an idea and shared with Ryan and his friend Reuben. After consented by three, a group was formally formed which comprise of specialist criminals and ex-colleagues. The ultimate aim of the group is to rob the Bellagio casino in Los Angeles. As the $150 million suppose to be available at particular boxing match night that was the attraction for group in this robbery. The motivation for the group members to join this group was huge chunk of money involved. Initially, Reuben being ex-owner of the casino aware of security concern, he was reluctant to join the group but later he clutch the chance to beat his rival, thus, that was the secondary tension been observed while storming the group. Another important tension aroused while planning stage when Ocean found his ex-wife Tess as girl friend of casino's owner, however, that moment Ryan suggested surrender the plan because of his emotions but Ocean disagreed and move forward.

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While norming the group it is to understand the task norms as well as social norms, however, in this stage a number of group members put on the duty to evaluate the security condition, routes, routines, position and behaviors of the staff, and as well as the premises of casino, so this is example of social norms. Another example of social norms in this case is while put the plan in the action the Ocean intentionally enter in the casino and to be seen by owner, so owner put the Ocean in locked room with beaten by bouncer. The example of task norms in this case is a team assigned to develop the exact imitation of the vault being involved in order to understand the system of security on it, however, another task norms in the case is the team trigger the device which disrupt the electricity in the building for while in order to non-detection of vault breaking. The social norms were very much of explicit and task norms were implicit in nature in the case.

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The outcome of the robbery was very productive and executed as planned, so group were successfully able to steal the money, although Ocean was rearrested by police. The communication was effective in the group because the people in the group were affiliated with each other and belong to almost criminal background and others were colleagues, so understanding was very efficient that made the plan into success.

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