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Guess Who is Coming to Dinner

Guess who is coming to dinner is a film featuring Joanna Drayton, a young white woman who has fallen in love with a black man Dr. John Prentice whom she met in Hawaii. The film starts with Drayton and Prentices return from Hawaii to San Francisco where Drayton introduces his fiancé to his parents as well as their maid Tilley who is angered by Drayton's choice. She tells her parents that she was intending to marry Prentice. They are initially upset, but Mrs. Drayton soon consents the marriage and is happy for girl. Mr. Drayton finds it hard to accept the marriage though he is liberal in his opinions. To make issues harder for him, Prentice informs that he will not marry his daughter without his consent.

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How prejudice and racism are portrayed in the film

Guess who is coming to dinner film illustrates the societal prejudices of marriage between people from different races. Christina and matt have usually had the most open minded outlooks, but their daughters plan to marry a black man disturbs them. As the movie continues, it becomes evident that Joanna's parents do not have any problem with Prentice since is a successful doctor who is doing a noble job but they worries lies in the difficulties their daughter will encounter a wife of the black man (Childs, 56).

In several ways, Joanna lives in a world or dreams. From the very start, she looks very naïve assuming that there is no problem and if anything came along they will be able to tackle it with Prentice. In reality, is true of several people in love. However, in this movie it is made clear to Prentice that there were numerous States where marriage between a white person and a black person was illegal.

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Prentice seems more grounded and he is used to prejudice since he has experienced it for a long time and has learned to utilize it to his benefit. His character is more realistic of the couple. He is much aware that there will be difficulties, but the love he feels toward Joanna gives him a sense of life than he has been having ever since his son and wife were exterminated in a train accident. Prentice expresses the aggravation at being drawn in two diverse directions simultaneously.

Though he articulates that he will not marry Joanna without her parents approval, what is actually need to discern is that they will always be there for her, when she runs into the prejudice which was to be inescapably be directed toward them along with their children. He tells his father that he viewed himself as a colored male, but prentice viewed himself as a man may seem impractical at the time, but Prentice conveys it convincingly, displaying the optimism that the young generation had at that period.

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Although she is black, the household cook is prejudiced against black men and accuses Mr. Prentice of have other intentions other than marrying Joanna. She has an alarming prejudice; because it involves helping a girl she assisted grow up, but it just a shocking type of black on black racial discrimination. She is the most angered and unlike Joanna's parents who seem to worry about the marriage because of external problems, Tillies feels that by marrying Joanna, Prentice will be upgrading himself.

Another type of prejudice is displayed when Mr. Drayton gets involves in a car accident after a random look for ice cream. He drives without looking, which makes him to make a dent in another young man's car who happens to be black. According to Warnes (16) this young man shouts at him telling him that his older age was the reason for the accident. He states that elderly people cannot be able to drive well, while in real sense Mr. Drayton, had something else in the mind. We can Notice a change in his presumptions, though he does not outwardly display them. Mr. Drayton being grouped in a stereotype on basis on his outer look is upsetting, and steadily but surely, Mr. Drayton recognizes that acting is this manner is completely ridiculous.

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Spencer offers a wonderful performance for his concluding film with Hepburn. They come in end as a couple who has forever been in love. Knowing that the Prentice and his daughter were romantically involved for a long time makes him to accept Prentice as his son in law. He loved his wife and his daughter, and he later likes John after knowing him for a short time. His evolution in the movie is ideal since his feelings run the scope and shift throughout the acting time. He has developed himself at the end of the movie, having to retrace his personal liberal beliefs.

From the time Mrs. Drayton discovers that her prospect son I law was black, her recital is impeccable. Britton (110) argues that she remembers very well how it fell to be young and in love, and her daughter happier was also her happiness. She recognizes the things the couple will be encountering, and the way it will be difficult for her daughter, even though Joann does not understand. She is aware that it will be worse if the relationship is terminated and it is significant for parents to be there for their children when things go wrong.

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The film displays prejudice on black race in the way Joanna's parents struggle to accept their daughter choice of husband. They felt that the law prohibited interracial marriages and the problems their daughter was likely to encounter in the hands of a black man. However, they realized that love was the only rule and the only thing they could do was to support the couple in case problems emerged.

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