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The Social Network

The social network aka the face book movie is a fantastic work of story telling which is majorly based on boring litigation of computer programming topic that is tedious. It is an exemplary example of a movie that captures non fiction creativity. It has dramatized a reality in an action that is cerebral. It is a movie that is very educative. This paper explores various subtopics on this particular movie.

The main ideas in the movie are several. The movie is about innovativeness. It is a movie that has been based on computer programming which highlights an issue of man's innovativeness. It shows how man can be innovative to enable him improve his own life and influence his relationship with other people. Secondly the movie shows the importance of understanding other people and their behaviors. It shows alpha men fighting over cerebral territory. Men fight to see who is better than the other in terms of their intellectual capabilities. It shows that intellectual capacity and its usage may help someone go up the social ladder and become economically stable. It is brought out by looking at a person that is more innovative in terms of technological advancement.

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The social network story highlights the issue about the economic capability of people basing on what they do to change the situation they are in. it brings out issues about old money and the Jewish fighting with the WASP members in order to climb the social status.

Another major idea that the movie brings out is the issue of the female status in the society. Women have been taken as objects of male gratification being used as a reward for men who have won aggression battles. They have been depicted as people who are ready to offer their bodies to men who are successful. There has also been an instance where the female have been depicted as strong and successful but in a minor way. The successful women are the independent lawyers (Fincher and Sony pictures entertainment, 2010).

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The movie has also touched on the issue of sex. This has been depicted through women giving successful men their bodies as sex presents for their success.

Camera movement in the social network movie was not just done by the hands of men. The movement of the camera was so good that it brought out a movie that is sweet to the eyes. Technology was applied when shooting the movie to give it the best motion it could have. The cameras were computerized and controlled automatically something which contributed to the fine motion in the movie. There were some instances where the camera was moved manually.

These can be seen in the scenes that could not be produced using a computerized camera. The motion in the movie including the speed and clarity was aided by the computerization of the camera. There were no instances in the movie that were skipped or recorded wrongly by the camera. This helped the movie to come out with a good clarity of motion. Actually it helped viewers have a comfort in following the motion of the movie without strain. (Fincher and Sony pictures entertainment, 2010).

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The camera placement in the social network movie was awesome. Fincher used the traditional virtues of the placement of the camera to tell the story. It is shown with a decision that is consistent with the suspicious attitude that the film generates towards the entire enterprise. This is attributed to the fact that the movie is clear in terms of light, darkness, color and distance. The camera was set in such a way that it portrays things and events in reality. Distance of coverage was relative. The placement of the camera was proper because the lighting conditions are perfect. In essence things and events have been brought out in an appropriate way allowing the viewer to enjoy watching the movie both form the entertaining and clarity point of views.

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The face book movie was shot in an impressive manner. Finchers captured the tone sound and the light of administration halls. The shot framing in the movie has given it a good depth and layer. The film drives attention to its main idea and focal point. One does not look for what to see but the eye is automatically directed to the right place. This was very clever of Finchers because no ordinary film maker can bring out a movie so perfect. The background was well framed creating something real out of imagination. (Fincher and Sony pictures entertainment, 2010).

The social network movie aka the face book movie was created with a single point of view. The movie was produced from the perspective of the creation of a social site. Throughout the movie technology seems to take center sage in everything that takes place. The stories that are generated originate from a single view of the development of a social site. It is brought out in a way that shows if there was no social site then what happens in the movie could not happen.

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The movie's point of view is fond on face book an the technology that led to its advancement. It presents real knowledge and does not explore fiction in any way. This has made a couple of viewers to state that the movie was boring because it did not explore much creativity. It is only about reality in technology. Thus the movie is a one point of view movie that does not have much to do with creativity and thought.

Mise en scene in the social network aka facebook movie has been arranged to depict a university life that is reflective of the face book website. It has created scenery where people are interested to know what the other person is doing, their love lives and relationships. The scenes are shot in Massachusetts around the campuses of the two preparatory schools known as Philips academy and Milton academy. Others were filmed at Wheelock College, johns Hopkins University and community international rowing company. The scenery is one that is messed up with the urge of being economically stable while at the same time have worldly pleasures. The scenery captures what the movie is all about.

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The angles in the social network movie have been mixed up. It ranges from love issues to incorporating music in the script. Although everything comes up from the technological perspective, some real life issues are brought out clearly. It touches a little bit on success of individuals to the promiscuity of women. The movie does not lean just on a single topic.

The social network movie made use of colors. There were actors that were black and others that were white. This was to represent the extent to which the social site has expanded in the world. It meant that the social site had reached every part of the world and its effects were felt by both the whites and the blacks all over the world. The coloring of the film did not depend on the two colors alone but combined them with other colors to bring a more realistic movie (viralblog).

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The lighting and shadows in the movie were perfect. The lighting in the movie was however affected by the fact that it was shot largely at night. This is not to say that the shooting of the movie did not capture enough light but the fact that it was shot at night when it was dark then a lot of shadows could not be captured. However whenever the movie was shot in day light the lighting was brilliant meaning that the camera's setting was up to the required standards.

The social network is not a special visual effect movie. Although not, the movie made use of some visual effects just to make the movie admirable. A lot of visual effects were not used because Finchers believed that the use of visual effects would distract the attention of viewers. The use of the WASPy twins portrayed the winklevosses. Finchers used visual effects just for show off purposes (

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The locations and spaces that the social network movie utilized were mostly school and campus locations mainly in universities and colleges. They only used other locations like the rowing company when the services needed could not be found in schools or their favorite locations. The movie utilized a vast area of space because it was mostly shot outside. The social network movie utilized picture images together with paintings. These were used as forms of eliciting visual effects.

The social network movie is a movie with various dimensions. Although it depicts reality in its main theme it was able to capture many people's attention and attraction. It was a successful venture though the person who invented the face book social site was not pleased with it.

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