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Organized Crimes

Organized crimes refer to well organized groupings that work with well established channels with an aim of engaging in illegal activities. Most of this crime groups usually engage in illegal activities for monetary gain.  This Paper mostly focuses on the way organized crimes are carried out in the United States and compares them to organized crimes in Russia, Mexico, China and Japan.

Comparison of organized crime in the US to Japan, Russia, China and Mexico

While organized crimes in Russia, China, Mexico and Japan are organized by the indigenous groups in these countries, in the US, THE Mafias are mainly from groups emanating from the outside of the country (Edwards & Gill, 2003).

Given that organized crimes flourishes well where there is a disorganized system of government, there operations in Japan, Mexico, Russia and China is quite different. The American system of government provides for more avenues for dealing with these crimes than in this other countries. Apart from the Federal mechanism s of fighting the organized gangs, the state laws are also a stepped up effort of fighting this crimes (Woodiwiss, 2001).

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Identity theft and online extortion are new sectors of organized crime to Japan, Mexico, Russia and China that is taking its roots deeper. However the manifestation of this sectors is quite different when compared between the US and Japan, Mexico, China and Russia. The well established laws and mechanisms to fight organized crime have made the online extortion to be a notch higher. Online extortion has been more rampant in the US discouraging e-commerce.

The criminal detection and handling agencies in the United States have made the ordinary crimes such as smuggling, racketeering and burglary to be reduced to low levels. The CIA has provided the best investigation not only on the American soli but also on other parts of the universe. This is not the case with organized gangs in Japan, Mexico, Russia and China. The application of modern technology in fighting these gangs in the US has been a key factor to reduction of their influence (Woodiwiss, 2001).

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Computer aided crimes are more common in the US and Japan as compared to this other countries such as Mexico, Russia and China. This is attributed to more automation and technological advancement in the two countries as compared to the others. These points to more electrified transactions hence the organized criminals find this as the most profiting avenue (Berg & Berg, 2008).

Identity extortion is more pronounced ion Japan, Mexico, Russia and China than in the United Sates. This is attributed to the more centralized information management. This makes it easier to catching up with such criminals. The less centralized information management in the other countries; Russia, China, Japan and Mexico have provided some more room for the thriving of Identity extortion crimes.

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The presence of many Cities in the United States has provided numerous hide outs for these gangs. These cities are highly populated hence not only provide camouflage mechanism and a wide field of operation for these gangs. New York City for example is home to a number of criminal gangs and cartels that have their operations spreading all the way to other states and to other countries.

The necessity for existence is a great facto to the growth of the organized crime. The high living standards in the urban towns and cities are a factor to put into consideration. This points out to the high number of the gangs in the US which has many urban centers with lots of population. Recruitment of new members into these gangs is easily done since the population that is in dire need of the shortest route to creation of wealth.

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The organized crimes in the US have a lot of similarity in terms the types of the organized crimes found in Japan, Mexico, Russia and China. The main difference comes with the methodology of the crimes committed.

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