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Standup Comedy

Stand up comedy is an art devoted to getting immediate laughs from the audience. Stand up comedians such as the likes of Katt Williams or Chris rock usually use some other forms of illustrative acting to enhance their work. Standup comedy requires that the audience have a continuous stream of laughs and it is generally up to the comedian to deliver. The reaction of the audience in this given genre of comedy is critical. Standup comedy can be thrilling when the audience is responding well to a person’s jokes but it can be terrifying when the audience is not receptive (Double 28). This kind of comedy is employed mostly in bars on ‘open-mic night’ or neo burlesques mostly comedy clubs. Will Farrell describes it as hard lonely and vicious. That in itself is enough to tell a person how hard standup comedy can be.

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Standup comedy is not a 21st century affair this form of comedy is as old as comedy itself. It has developed from periods ago. From the times of the kings when the court jesters and clowns were the comedians to now when the comedians are celebrated still. Throughout the course, I have learnt that Standup comedy is a form of entertainment that is just like a bottle of wine as time passes it only gets better (Double 28). This course has come to mean the world to me; it has changed my life in so many ways I might as well be married to it. The course is an intimate joining of real life experience and humor it makes the most serious things become funny. Comedy is a blessing from above to help us through the bad days. After this course I understand the reason for comedy and the true meaning behind why everyone needs somebody to make them laugh.

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Even in the hardest situation one thing that the course truly teaches is that it is never that serious. That we can laugh about anything and anything can be laughed at. The course has taught me to make a joke when life gives me something to frown about. To fill happy when it seems impossible to be happy I have learned that when times get hard the ones who survive are those who laughed the world is sad enough on its own. However, the world does not have enough humor and from what I have seen in the time I attended, this class laughter is a cure to loneliness (Laurence 34).

The class has changed the way I look at life now. Before this class comedy to me was just something some popular guy stole from a smart guy. But, after attending this class and getting to appreciate the dynamics behind the art of comedy I am ashamed of my past self for having such low regards for such a critical part of life. Comedy is difficult to make because it has to make fun of something and not be insulting at the same time. Comedy is like trying to diffuse a bomb it has to be done correctly otherwise someone will get hurt. Most people do not appreciate this little fact probably (Double 59).

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It would be an insult to this course if I ended the last term assignment without saying how amazing the course was. This was an experience on its own and when I woke up in the morning there was something to look forward to. However, everything must end, as is the law of life (Laurence 21). Four gay men walk in a bar and there is only one stool left. What should they do?

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