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Critical Analysis of Cartoon Entertainment

Tom and Jerry Meet SpongeBob

Cartoons are the most common form of entertainment children like to watch when they are free. Tom and Jerry and SpongeBob are some of the best cartons that are featured in the American cartoon entertainment. They provide entertainment to children through the Television on every Saturday morning. Although they are both animated cartoons, Tom and Jerry and SpongeBob SquarePants are different in the timeframe developed, entertainment audience, and educational point of the cartoons (Apus 12). This paper intends to discuss the similarities and differences that exist between the two entertainment cartoons.

Timeframe Development

The original series of Tom and Jerry was developed in 1939. Barbera and Hanna developed this series by the name Puss Gets the Boot. They breakdown into four eras first, when Rudolf Ising took part in production of the cartoons followed by Hanna and Barbera together with Quimby produced the cartoons in the second era, Chuke johns produced the third era cartoons while Deitch Gene participated in the production of the fourth era cartoons.

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Stephen Hillenburg, a marine biologist, is responsible for production of SpongeBob cartoons in 1993. Rocko's Modern Life is the first station that presented this program on Television. It picked up in 1999 then rose to be the most popular program in up to 2003 (Pooja 45). The program experienced a great draw back from this period that made it receive the lowest rating ever before coming back to position in 2005. The lower rating resulted from most re-runs of programs by the producers.

Awards /Episodes

Many fans appreciated when SpongeBob presented season four in the name of “Shell of Man or Fear of a Krabby Party” on sixth may 2005. This enabled the SpongeBob to receive the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards in the same year.  Other awards include Golden Reel, The Annie and other several Teens Choice Blimps (Apus 34).  The SpongeBob has three hundred and four episodes that have been aired since its creation.

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Tom and Jerry on the other hand came to be nominated thirteen times in the Academic Award for the Best Short Subjects. Shorts that worn academic awards include; “Yankey Doddle Mouse Quite Please 195, the cat Concerto 1947, Mouse Cleaning 1948,Two Mouse Keepers 1952,” then lastly “Johann Mouse 1953.” Tom and Jerry has produced one hundred and ninety one episodes in total.


SpongeBob series changed from tradition animation to start producing cartoons using digital ink together with paint. The Tom and Jerry produced cartoons based on labor-intensive skills. The twenty-four cartoons could run in one second (Pooja 56). This enabled the series to run seven thousand two hundred hand painted and drawn frames in nine minutes.

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SpongeBob series mostly targeted the adults and adolescents. This made the series to broadcast through MTV and featured on Spike TV.  SpongeBob SquarePants is scheduled to exceed Rugrats to be the longest of all Nicktoon episodes during the eighth season. The program begun to gain popularity in 2000 then maintained it until 2003 when it got its major drawbacks before coming to full popularity.  Tom and Jerry on the other hand targeted to provide entertainment to children (Apus 67). Scholars and collectors are assessing actors who have brought more influence on generations of Saturday morning cartoon television show between Walt Disney and Tom and Jerry actors. It is most probably that Tom and Jerry actors are the most featured than any other actors on the Saturday morning television show and provides entertainment to youngsters while SpongeBob offer entertainment for adult people.

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Education and controversy

Journal Pediatrics found out that SpongeBob negatively affected young four-year children watching the cartoons for nine minutes. The effect results from the low attention span it causes to these kids. It uses fast-paced unbelievable television shows. The ability of the kids to connect the fast moving SquarePants makes them fail to connect ideas thereby losing interest and failure to concentrate on the cartoons.

The SpongeBob actors have received resentments from evangelical groups. The groups claim that the actors portray homosexual behaviors. This can easily promote Gays in the community. This can be indentified from the episode Rock-a-Bye-Bivalve in which SpongeBob and Patrick had a child by the name Scallop. These are male characters and it might be impossible for them to get a baby (Pooja 78). Therefore, there are questionable issues of how the male characters can give birth to a child. Young kids watching this episode may have to emulate the roles of the cartoons thereby may involve in gay activities.

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Tom and Jerry is not an educational tool. The main aim of these cartoons is to provide entertainment. As it provides entertainment, it has also a negative impact on children although not much. It can promote mischief in young children because it exposes them to violent things like breaking dishes, throwing them to others and hurting them. This violence is part of life and children may be exposed to them even without watching the Cartoons (Toonbarn 67). It is also evident from the Bob director that the mouse and the cat cannot exist in today's life due to health and safety regulations. It strongly implies that it only offer entertainment rather than education.

Educational Value

SpongeBob resembles a square yellow person and an unintelligent friend. In this context, teachers can utilize this cartoon to teach oceanography. The teacher can also use this cartoon to teach dispassion of light into different colors. Tom and Jerry on the other hand is only associated with entertaining children in 1970s.

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