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Fraternal twins originate from the fertilization of two different ova, whether it occurs in artificially, like vitro fertilization, or instinctively in the course of a double ovulation. Identical twins differ in the sense that they are monozygotic. Unlike fraternal twins, identical twins are formed the moment an ovum fuses with one sperm and the product divides into two equal halves. Behavior geneticists and other behavioral analysts employ twin studies to comprehend genetics and environmental control on behavioral development. Twin adoption researches are able to determine the level at which a family unit semblance is because of common genes and the level of collective surrounding. Another way behavioral analyst use twin studies is use of dark hair. Should one twin have dark hair, the other dark twin should also have dark hair as well to tell if they are fraternal. Questionnaires also used to give participants asked to rate their personality characteristics, bodily abilities and level of pleasant appearance.

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Causal-comparative studies are occasionally handled as a kind of definitive research because they define the settings that previously existed. Similar to correlational research, also describes the situations that already existed in the course of the researching procedure. Causal-comparative researches have cause-effect relationships that try to realize motives or causes and the present condition of the theory being investigated. Nevertheless, correlational research fails to bring about such relationships because such studies simply determine whether, and to what level, an affiliation exists amid two quantifiable inconsistencies. According to Charles, “causal comparative researchstronglysuggests cause and effect relationships…able to examine thepossibleexistence of causation (Charles and Mertler 106).”

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The low blood sugar theory clearly states that a diet with poor nutritional elements and compounds affect the strength and self-esteem of a country. At the same time, the stability, behavior, and self-esteem of the particular residents of the country are affected by the consumption of diets that contribute to low blood sugar. Researchers have realized that diets aimed at correcting low blood sugar either eliminated the condition, or greatly increased its symptoms. Since the tests have been proved amongst people with low blood sugar with tolerance and people currently with low blood sugar, I concur with the theory. A well-fed population is forms a healthy and strong nation. Diets with poor nutritional value and hunger correspond with conflicts, aggression and revolts.

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Numerous middle-income earners of the UK have extremely profited from the trend the changes have taken to date. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee of the UK government obtain benefits experienced by the foods and drinks industry has made from ecological impacts on growers. Another fact expressed in the book is the reception of the price adequate of foodstuffs and groceries that permit reinvestment in the sector by prime movers. A strong point emphasized in the research is the use of written proof released by the food and drink federation (FDP). From this report, it has been confirmed that the food retail sector is intensely competitive, and all its retailers are exceptionally aware of the high demand from buyers. I did not observe any significant weakness since the book has managed to address all possible situations for both retailers and their key suppliers, farmers (FRAC, 2011, p. 14).

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Every year, the United States health department division deals with cases of food poisoning. This food poisoning has been found out to be simply caused by lack of proper canning of foods by the manufacturers during packing (CDC, 2009). Botulism from industrially canned foodstuffs is an uncommon case in the country. Nevertheless, newspapers have engaged to cause panic throughout the local states concerning the spread and little security that bioterrorism is receiving from the government (CDC, 2011). In 2007, the outbreak of Botulism was discovered from commercially canned chili products. The media did not emphasize on the preparations the bioterrorism unit had initially made, causing panic amongst the citizens. Furthermore, there are facts regarding food borne Botulism, the Botulism strain that spread in 2007, and infant Botulism (Vinayak, Kiran, Ramdas, Kiran, Sachin & Vikrank, 2011).

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Food borne Botulism is the most widespread path taken for mass transmission of the virus (Pubmed health, 2010). With a huge circulation of natural spores, low levels of infectivity in horticultural foodstuffs and seafood will most likely to be discovered. Other forms of Botulism that exist include adult, wound, injection and inhalation Botulism (Vinayak, Kiran, Ramdas, Kiran, Sachin & Vikrank, 2011). Regardless of the type of botulism, common symptoms are experienced by those infected with botulism. These symptoms include speech and ingestion troubles and weak spots in the facial and tongue muscles. Several infected people have been reported to experience breathing failures and flabby limbs and weaknesses (NYC Department of Health and Hygiene, 2008).

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The outbreaks in the newspapers should not imply that they are bio-terrorists attacks. Botulism is an illness that takes the lives of two or more people who within a year, have consumed infected canned foods (Tolan, 2011). As a result, people are obliged to stick to rigorous hygienic processes when canning foodstuffs in residential places, boiling food thoroughly for ten minutes before eating, unusually smelling foodstuffs should not be tested by tasting, babies should not be fed honey, immediate clinical attention should be given to wounds and oils with garlic and herbs should always be frozen (CDC, 2009).

Physical care and therapy takes a traditional stand-off in the midst of the creation of a stand-off between biomedical, bio-physiological and communal representations of health. These differences amongst the physicians has caused every state to mainly enhance and implement certain policies and principles different from each other, but able to handle all health related aspects. The citizens of the state have been obliged to adhere to these policies reflecting the work carried out by physicians and researchers. In the process, a number of physicians and researchers have chosen to engage in commercialization of health matters and treatment, affecting the government policies and residents in an optimistic and negative manner as well (Willis and Parry 2009, p. 87).

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