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The Frog Prince

The fairy tale The Frog Prince tells the story of princess who meets and befriends a frog although reluctantly. Little does the princess know that the frog is actually a handsome prince whose body has been enchanted and trapped by a spiteful fiery. Thus the princess comes to the rescue of the prince unknowingly thus transforming the frog to the handsome prince. The prince later on marries the princess and they live happily ever after, a life full of merriment and joy. This is not the original version written but it is a similar fairy tale however it is a much more modern version of the Brother Grimm written version (Maria 175).

The Frog Prince is actually the first collection of the Brother Grimm collection. Using this fairy tell I will attempt to interpret and dissect by use of Jungian approach. This will entail the use of psychoanalysis and the concept of individuation. By using the Jungian model I will gain more insight on the characters human psyche and personalities. This essay will also discuss and compare the various versions of the said fairy tells and the reasons for the change in narration.

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The Raven is also a collection of fairy tales by Brother Grimm's. This is a tale f a queen who wishes that her stubborn daughter could turn to a raven. This actually comes to pass and the raven flies to the forest. A man attempts to rescue the prince from bondage. The man has to travel to far lands and even overcome insurmountable challenges. Being a mortal he fails for the temptations that he swore to overcome. However he finally rescues the princess and they get married and live happily ever after. Similarly this is not the original version but a modern and second version.

There are various variations between the original version and modern and second versions of the folklores .In the original version of The Frog Prince the princess throws the frog angrily on the wall .In her disgust for the frog the spell is broken and it changes into a handsome prince who the princess later marries. However in the newer version of the fairy tale the frog changes and transforms to a handsome prince when the princess kisses the frog. In other versions of the folklore the frog changes to a prince after eating from the princess plate and sleeping on her pillow for three consecutive day (Eric 4).

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These changes of the Frog Prince and the Raven from the original version are very important. This is so because with the ever changing times it is important to come up with tales which are relevant to present day circumstances and situations. This way the people are able to relate the fairy tales with present day situations. For instance in earlier versions the fact that the princess throws the frog against the wall symbolizes an old trait in which magic could be undone. However in modern times people have shifted from the superstitious and traditional beliefs. Therefore this should also be reflected in this fairy tales. These changes in the fairy tales over time have also helped transform the character of the princess from the spoilt and heart handed princess to one who is more loving and caring.

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Fairy tales as literary art contains hidden messages. The hidden message in both The Frog Prince and The Raven is that virtue and patience pays. For an individual to get the best in life and what he truly deserves he has to overcome the many challenges that come his way, keep his eyes on the price and not get swayed by the various temptations. Similarly this fairy tales may be a way of encouraging women who have given up on love. In that you will kiss many frogs along the way before you kiss prince charming.

The Jungian analysis of The Frog Prince is that a reader is able to delve n the princess psyche. The princess is the ego. The ego attempts to meet the needs of the id realistically (Jung 59). The princess is a virgin and probably treats men with contempt. This is the reason why she sees and perceives them as animals, precisely as frogs. On the other hand the golden ball that is lost in the water is her self. The woods are her unconscious part of the self. This is so because she is on a journey to find her real self. It is in this journey of self realization that she meets a man who is trapped in a frog's body.

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The spring also represents the unconscious part f the psyche. The frog gladly helps the princess but with conditions. That the frog will eat from the same plate and drink from the same cup that she drinks from. This actually is a representation of the prince attempt to kiss the young princess. The act of sleeping on her pillow represents intimacy between married couples. By throwing the frog in disgust against the wall this is a representation of the masculine nature of the frog in her unconscious self. The frog later transforms into a charming prince with kind eyes. This marks an initiation rite where the young princess matures to a woman who is now able to settle down in marriage.

In the Fairy tale The Raven individuation is integrated by two processes of human maturation (Jung 78). The first is the adaption of the princess as a raven in her first half of her life. The second stage is characterized by her transformation from a raven to her normal self and falling in love with the man who breaks and rescues her from her spell. The fairy tale can be interpreted as a dream. The young man is the ego who is on a journey to save the princess. The challenges he meets along the way are representative of the unconsciousness. The super ego is the moral part of the mind. The super ego is full f virtues such as patience and purity. The princess is a virgin and on looses her virginity when she marries the man of her dreams. The tale also invokes active imagination .A reader is able to form images on his unconsciousness and converse with them. It is as if the images are in active participations.

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The use of Jungian analysis and approach towards the two fairy tales gives a more vivid and better understanding of the narratives. Since fairy tales encompass hidden messages Jungian interpretation helps n breaking down of the intended message by attempting to study the human personality. It is by understanding the human psyche that we come with a better analysis of both narratives. Also a reader is able to understand events and experiences that transcended before the writing of the fairy tales.

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