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Obama Budget Lands DME Sucker Punch

The article "Obama Budget Lands DME SUCKER Punch" focuses on the move made by president Obama concerning limited Medicaid payments by federals. The article asserts that the move was to transform the federal Medicaid payments to Medicare competitive bidding rates. It is a move which has left those advocating for home care confused as close to $62 billion will be required from government health programs, to make the move a success. The move is criticized by the American Association for Homecare that it puts home medical equipment at risk and tightens an already squeezed budget. On the other hand, Economists project the fall of the move by CMS citing lowball bids which eventually will be unsustainable (Inc, 2011).

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However, the officials of the agency ignored the advice by the Economist and argue that the move will save the government close to $ 6.4 billion in ten years. Tyler Wilson also an opponent of the move argues for job losses and says the move will be "a race to the bottom". He terms the move as ill-conceived. The prepayment review for all power wheelchairs is also condemned by the AAHomecare. The administration values this move as they assert that it will ensure all the PWC meet the required standards but a report from the Office of Inspector General reveals that a percentage of PWC did not meet the set standards (Inc, 2011).

In conclusion, the AAHomecare are against the President's budget as they feel it will increase a lot of costs to the power wheelchair providers whom they argue, are already in hardship because of severe reimbursements cuts, onerous regulations and loss of the first month purchase option. In addition, the AAHomecare feel that there will be an increased risk for home medical equipment resulting from the President's budget and to make it worse, the Republican's budget is ascertained to consist of an even steeper cut to the spending by federals (Inc, 2011).

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